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Associated Students of Cañada College End of Year Review

No description

Evelyn Valenzuela

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Associated Students of Cañada College End of Year Review

Associated Students of Cañada College
End of Year Review

What I learned on planning an on campus event was how much you need to plan in advance. You need to have a timeline, and being able to follow through with the dates.
What I took away from the big-little experience was being a role model. You do not know how much your actions can effect someone that looks up to you.
I learned about brown act and roberts rule of order, also on how to run a meeting efficiently.

I have learned about campus wide issues, and behind the scenes with student educational plans and curriculum.
What I learned on a conference was how to dress and act professional. The things that I have learned, I have wanted to or have brought on to campus; Random Acts of Kindness, Free Hugs, Community Service Projects, Being Involved in the Redwood CIty Community.
Evelyn Valenzuela
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