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College Info for Seniors

No description

Susana Velis

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of College Info for Seniors

Class of 2013 College Information Susana Velis
svelis@aldine.k12.tx.us The College Access Advisor Educate Students
Assist with College, scholarship, and financial aid applications
conference with students and parents
Workshops My Role Fall Senior Year Time Line Spring August
Make your list
Start applying September
Register for ACT/ACT
Continue applying October
Attend College Night October 1st MOC
Continue applying November
Participate in GenTex Week
Continue Applying December
Finish Admissions applications
Continue Scholarship applications January
Start the FAFSA February
Continue Scholarship applications
Attend FAFSA Workshop March
Continue Scholarship Applications April
Continue Scholarship Applications
Hear back from colleges May
Make a decision
Pay enrollment Deposit, housing, sign up for orientation June
Send Final Transcripts SAT/ACT
Required by 4 yr schools
Both Accepted
Competitive schools require SAT Subject tests
Fee waivers are available College Entrance Exams DO NOT MISS THE TEST!!!! THEA
For College Placement SAT ACT 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr College Admissions Choosing the right College Admissions Process Information for Undocumented Students Admissions Decisions Choosing the right college What is Important to me? Small or Large? Public or Private? Cost? What majors are offered? What athletics/ activities are offered? What is the diversity on campus? Urban, suburban or rural? In state or
Out of state? Ask the Right Questions Start with a CHECKLIST that includes:
Required Items:
Official Transcript
Fee/Fee Waiver Where do you apply? Apply Texas
In State Public & Some Private
Start one and copy to other schools
Submit essays and scholarships for certain schools
Mail in other items Common App
Out of State & Private
Start one and copy to other schools
Asks for supplemental documents from teachers and counselors
Have names and emails Save Usernames and passwords!!!!
Make copies of every application for admission and financial aid before sending
Save everything! Use a Flash Drive
Have a professional email account and check it OFTEN (1/week)
READ ALL letters/emails sent by colleges Additional Tips Overall Achievement Personal Achievement Academic Achievement Class Rank, GPA, Level of coursework SAT/ACT Scores Subject Test Scores Essays Resume, activities, employment, volunteer work Letters of Recommendation Receive in state tuition
Can apply for State financial aid
3 yr residency in TX
Graduation from Texas high school
Can apply for Deferred Action The Basics Financial Aid Need Based
Apply by Submitting the FAFSA

Work-study- job to earn money for educational expenses
Loans- borrowed funds- must be repaid
Get a PIN for a Parent and Student to sign and submit Remember, you can’t get financial aid unless you have been admitted to a school! FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Apply anytime after January 1, 2013
Use 2012 Income Tax Forms (1040)
CSS Profile
Financial Aid Application used by select schools
Visit www.collegeboard.com for more details. The Application CAUTION! Don’t Pay to submit a Free Application
Completion and processing of the FAFSA are FREE
If filing via FAFSA on the Web, be sure to go directly to www.fafsa.ed.gov Cost of Attendance Includes:
Tuition and fees
Room and board
Books, supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses, including documented costs for a personal computer Scholarhips Competitive
Awarded based on:
Need Institutional
Awarded on behalf of the university/ college
May only be used at that school
Non Institutional
Awarded by:
Local, State or National Organizations
Civic groups
May be used at any school Dollar Grams
Aldine Website
University Websites
Online: www.fastweb.com, www.gradefund.com
College Center:
Scholarship Books
Scholarship Drawer
Employer Benefits Office So where do I find scholarships? Before I Go Use your resources:
College Go Center
Dream Team
District College Night:
October 1st @ MOC
College Applications
Visit the school or meet their admissions counselor.
Need to be done before Winter Break!!
Make your college choices list (4 to 6 schools).
Apply to more than one school!
Take one before December
Financial Aid
Apply for a FAFSA pin number.
FAFSA starts in January.
Admissions application comes BEFORE financial aid
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