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Misty Copeland

No description

Cady Bailey

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Misty Copeland

Starting Dance
Taught herself gymnastics
Became Captain of the middle school drill team
Tried ballet at the Boys and Girl's Club
The teacher offered her a full scholarship to her studio, the San Pedro Dance Centre
Within three months got her first pointe shoes
Early Recognition
Was requested by Debbie Allen to play Clare in her musical, "The Chocolate Nutcracker."
Performed for LA Dodgers and the Special Olympics
Competed at the LA Spotlight Awards and won
Other Accomplishments
Performed with Prince in the music video for "Crimson and Clover"
Has endorsement deals with Under Amour, Sansha, Bloch, Capezio, Blackberry, Lavazza, Payless, Boys and Girl's Club, and Proactive
Was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance
Misty Copeland
One of the most famous
modern day

Thesis: What makes her life so incredible is her childhood, her career, and her achievements
Misty Copeland
Born in Kansas City, Kansas
Mother: Sylvia DelaCerna
Father: Doug Copeland
Stepfathers: Harold Brown and Robert DelaCerna
Siblings: Erica, Chris, Doug Jr., Lindsey, and Cameron
Moved around a lot
Ended up living out of a motel room
Difficult for her mother to get her back and forth
Mother thought she was missing out on time with her friends and family
Went to live with Cindy Bradley during the week
Mother thought Bradley was manipulating her and forced her to move back to the motel room and change dance studios
Early Recognition
Was offered full scholarships to several major dance company's summer programs
Went to the San Diego Ballet summer program
The next year, she went to American Ballet Theatre's summer program
Was offered a place in the company, but declined
Was given the Coca-Cola Scholarship by American Ballet Theatre
American Ballet Theatre
Became a member of the studio company in 2000
Joined the corps de ballet in 2001
Had to take her first year off due to a stress fracture in her lower back
Became a soloist in 2007
1st female African American soloist for American Ballet Theatre in over two decades
Told she needed to "lengthen."
Was told she looked too big to be a ballerina
Has faced a lot of racism
The Firebird
La Bayadere
Le Corsaire
Princess Florine-
The Sleeping Beauty
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