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DAS PR Campaign Proposal

No description

McKenna Weiks

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of DAS PR Campaign Proposal

Objectives, strategies & Tactics
situation analysis
key public
Mission & Vision
Situation Analysis
To improve the Denver Animal Shelter’s reputation and presence in the immediate Denver community by December 2015.
College graduates
Employed full-time
Active lifestyle
Young Professionals
Increase public awareness of Denver Animal Shelter by 20 percent by the end of 2015
Environmental clubs
Open-doors days
Press release
Social media
Video tour
Promote LEED facility
Participate in 32nd Avenue Farmer's Market in Highlands
Weekly booth
Animal Control presence
Press release
Social media
Interaction at Washington Park and Denver's Top Dog Parks
Train Animal Control representatives
Develop schedule
Pass out dog treats and branded tennis balls
Social Media Development
Local Media Outlets
"Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Denver Animal Shelter"
"Adoptable Pet of the Week"
Gain three local partnerships by the end of 2015
Watering Bowl
Stella's Coffee Haus
Pub on Pearl
"Pup Run"
Drink coupons
Branded tennis balls
Informational flyers
"Puppy spotlight"
Press release
Social media
"Puppachino" proposal
Branded cups
Press release
Social media
Contact event representative, Aden Holt
Press release
Social media
Provide dog treats
Evaluating Awareness & partnerships
Clip counting
Content analysis
Social media analysis
Google Analytics
Event traffic
DAS PR Campaign

Why young professionals?
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Evaluating Awareness & partnerships
Full transcript