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14-2 Human Chromsomes

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of 14-2 Human Chromsomes

6 billion
21 and 22
43 million
129 million
Human Genes and Chromosomes by the #s
14-2 Human Chromsomes
3 Genes control color vision on X chromosome
1 in 10 males is affected, 1 in 100 females is affected
Can a father pass colorblindness to his son?
2 important genes on X chromosome control blood clotting
a recessive allele in either of those genes causes the disease
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
caused by defective version of the gene that codes for muscle protein
could be cured by inserting a normal allele into muscle cells
Murray Barr (1949) found dark, dense regions in the nucleus of female cat cells.

Mary Lyon discovered that one X chromosome is randomly inactivated.
Autosomal Chromosomes fail to separate during meiosis.

mental retardation and susceptibility to other diseases
Down Syndrome
Turner's Syndrome- 45,X can't reproduce, sex organs do not develop

Klinefelter's- 47, XXY also can't reproduce

No babies have ever been born without a X chromosome
Sex-linked Genes
- genes located on X and Y chromosomes

More than 100 sex-linked genetic disorders have now been mapped to the X chromosome.
Sex-Linked Genes
X Chromosome Inactivation
-one X chromosome is randomly switched off
Chromosomal Disorders
Sex Chromosome Disorders
Barr bodies
Calico Cats
Other Sex-Linked Gene Disorders
gene for spots color on X chromosome
one X chromosome with allele for orange spots
other X chromosome with
black spots allele
In cells in some parts
of body, an X chromosome
is switched off, and the
other X chromosome is
switched off in other cells.
With so many genetic disorders that can occur, how do Christians feel about genetic testing?
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