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Lesson 3 - DRD Pizza Ordering App

Wireframe and flows for pizza ordering app that allows a user to order pizza from a single parlor. This is designed for a user (Dorm Room Debbie) in mind.

Izabel Grey

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Lesson 3 - DRD Pizza Ordering App

Dorm-Room Debbie's Pizza App
Dorm-Room Debbie Persona
Use Cases
It's late and I'm still up studying. I could really use some pizza right now.
I'm a college student
I don't have much money
I live in a dorm
I don't have a car
It's been a long week and I want to try a fun, new pizza!
Step 1:

Made to order

Repeat order

Step 2:

Build Pizza

Step 3:

Checkout & Pay

Step 4:

Delivery status

Limited data & battery
Divided attention
Small screen
Sketchy network
Mobile User Constraints
Step 1: Made to order or Repeat Order

Build a new pizza
Step 2: Build New Pizza

Add a pizza(s)
View daily specials
Step 2: Re-order Pizza

View order history
Select previous order
Choose size, crust, toppings
Add side orders
Step 3: Checkout & Pay
Choose payment form
Choose delivery address

Place order

Step 4: Delivery Status
View order status
Contact driver

Feature List
Configure pizza
Menu (toppings, crust, sides, etc)
Order history
Daily specials aka recommendation engine
Sign in (G+, Facebook)
Payment (Credit Card, Google Wallet, Paypal)
Order status (ETA, driver location)
Contact driver
Re-order a previous pizza
Sign In
Sign In
Check order Status
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