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NMDWS TAA Orientation

No description

Michael Yang

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of NMDWS TAA Orientation

TAA Petition Process TAA Petition is Filed with USDOL

-3 Workers
-State Workforce Agency
-Human Resource Petition File Date State Responsibilities -TAA Petition Certification

-TAA Petition Denial Request List of Impacted Workers
Advise of benefits
Administer Benefits within Federal Regs USDOL Decision USDOL Investigation of Petition 45 Days State Workforce Agency Administers TAA Benefits If Petition is Certified Job Search/Relocation
Can be utilized together Must Be in TAA Funded Training
and TRA Eligible to receive HCTC Job Search Allowance Can be used with
TAA Funded Training Relocation Allowance can be
used with TAA FundedTraining Must Be in TAA Funded Training
and TRA Eligible to receive HCTC Must be enrolled in TAA Funded and Approved Training or on a Waiver from training within 26 weeks of layoff or petition certification (whichever is later) to be eligible to receive TRA Benefits Trade Readjustment Assistance TAA On The Job Training TAA Occupational Training Relocation Allowance Job Search Allowance Health Care Tax Credit Questions? All workers of Cardinal Health, Financial Shared Services West, including Aerotek, Excel Staffing, and Experis Finance (Manpower), Albuquerque New Mexico, who became totally or partially separated from employment on or after December 13, 2011 through December 21, 2014 are eligible to apply for adjustment assistance under Chapter 2 of Title II of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended. Group Eligibility Approved Petition Information Cardinal Health
TAA Petition Number: TAW-82253

Certification Date: 12/21/2012 Must have been laid-off: December 13, 2011 December 21, 2014 Between Job Search Reimbursement Within 365 Days of Petition Certification Date
or Lay-Off Date Within 182 Days of the
Completion of TAA Training Reemployment Trade
Adjustment Assistance RTAA RTAA can be used with Part-Time TAA Training Job Search
Rules We Have to know before costs are incurred 90% Job Search and Travel Cost.
Up to $1,250 Max May be combined with Relocation Allowance and TAA Training Job Search
Activity 50+ miles
from local area Relocation Allowance Timelines Within 425 Days of Petition Certification Date or Lay-Off Date Within 182 Days of the Completion of TAA Training Relocation
Allowance Rules If the employer will pay for relocation, TAA will not Additional $1,250
Lump Sum Payment Must Apply and be Approved Prior to Relocation 90% reimbursement of Relocation Costs
May be commercial movers or other means RTAA Regulations and Policies Wage Subsidy Benefit Pays 50% of the differential between trade affected employer wage and new employment wage Pays $10,000 Maximum over 2 year period RTAA Eligibility RTAA New Employment Begins within 2 years of exhaustion of initial UI claim Must be over 50 years old at time of reemployment New employment cannot be with same subdivision of Trade affected employer RTAA Eligibility New Salary Cannot Exceed $50,000 Employment must be full time 40 hrs May be part-time if in FT TAA Training On The Job Training TAA Program pays a new employer 50% of salary for up to a period of 104 weeks to be trained in a new skill. TAA OJT
Regulations OJT is compatible with the workers skills OJT allows the worker to become proficient in the job for which they are being trained TAA program is able to evaluate gained knowledge an skill through benchmarks OJT will lead to employment with the employer who provided the training HCTC Definition:
Federal tax credit that pays 72.5% of qualified health insurance premiums for eligible individuals and their family members Administered by the IRS.

www.IRS.gov/hctc WHO IS HCTC
Eligible? People in Full Time
TAA Training RTAA
Wage Subsidy Recipients Eligible Individuals:

- Pay over 50% Cobra or
-Spouse Pays over 50% State Qualified Health Plan
-Cannot be claimed as dependent on federal tax return
-Cannot be in prison
-Cannot be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program, Federal Employees Health Benefit Program or US Military Health System (Tricare) How to Apply:
-Notify Local Workforce Connection Field Staff
-File is Transmitted to IRS
-IRS sends the participant a HCTC packet for completion TAA Funded Training
Benefits Up to 130 Weeks
of Paid Training One Training Program
Per Petition Full Time or Part Time
Training Available Fully Paid, Tuition, Books, Supplies and Tools Public and Private
Training Providers
are allowable Worker would
benefit from training Worker is qualified to undertake training Reasonably Available within commuting area Training is at a reasonable cost No Suitable Employment in Local Area Federal Criteria for TAA Approved Training Documents Needed for TAA Training: Letter of Intent Assessment/Transcripts Job Search Training Provider Information TRA Is: TRA Weekly Benefit Amount is the same as Regular UI Amount TRA is intended to allow TAA participants to focus on training Weekly Income Support for participants
in Full Time TAA Training or
on a waiver from training. Available TRA Benefit Amounts: 26 Weeks Regular Unemployment Insurance
26 Weeks of Basic TRA Benefits
65 (up to) Weeks of Additional TRA
13(up to) Weeks Completion TRA 130 Weeks Possible Total of TRA/UI benefits -By Federal Law UI extended benefits may be deducted from weeks of TRA *Total Weeks of TRA are determined on a case by case basis Must be attending Full Time TAA Approved training within 26 weeks of TAA Petition Certification or most recent qualifying separation date. TRA Eligibility Requirements Benefits of TRA must be
filed on a weekly basis Must be in
Full-Time Training
during the week
in which you
are certifying -If there is more than a 30 day break in training (excluding holidays and weekends) TRA benefits ARE NOT payable -TRA payments may resume when Full Time TAA approved training resumes HCTC Field Staff: Renae Lucero 505-843-1925
Ronda Stanley 505-843-1917 State Program Coordinators: TAA: Michael Yang 505-841-8715
TRA: Felicia Chavez 505-841-8313 TAA Program Benefits
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