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Victorian Inventions

No description

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Victorian Inventions

Victorian Inventions
The Victorian era was a great time for inventors and inventing. They Victorians invented trains, telephones, tyres and lots more. This presentation should teach you at least one thing about the interesting topic of Victorian inventions...
Henry Bessemer and molten steel
When a man called Henry Bessemer invented molten steel, it was a huge discovery. Metal that you could mould meant that automobiles could be invented, which led to roads, tar, tyres and so on.
Why was molten steel so important?
Inventions for kids
Easter eggs
I'm sure you all love to go on holiday, (they invented the holiday too) to go on a holiday you may choose to take your car. You might drive to your holiday, or go to the airport and get on a plane, or drive to a port and get on a boat. Trains are also an option. All of those are methods of transport that the Victorians invented! But you may simply want to get to the bus stop double quick and bike there!
That's a lot of inventions!
There is also another invention that doesn't really fit any of the categories..................
(Alfred Nobel)
I hope that you enjoyed this presentation, and learnt something about Victorian inventions today!
spinning tops
Us kids love our stuff. But I'll bet that you didn't know that lots of our toys were invented by the Victorians.

Lots of our toys today are made of plastic. They invented plastic too!
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