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Recycling in Slovakia

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Martina Trepy

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Recycling in Slovakia

Recycling in Slovakia
What is trash and recycling?
Trash is movable object, which we want to get rid of.
What we recycle in Slovakia ?
- paper
- glass
- plastic
- metal
- bald tyre
- oil
- battery
- electric device ..
-nowadays is recycled probably around 50% of paper
- 58% of the glass trash is recycled. It is bellow average in EU

- is 100% recyclable and it is possible to recycled infinite number of times
- less trash - do not use dumps
- one ton of recycled glass saves 400 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), SOx, NOx
- recycling of one 7 dcl bottle can save 400 watthours of electric energy. That is amount
that one 100 watts lightbulb use up in 4 hours
- 8% of weight of all the gathered trash in Slovakia, but they take much more space because of their size
- 16% of them are involved in the recycling process
The use of biodegradable plastics is increasing.
Recycling is modern and progressive way how to use a trash.
- protect environment
- contributes directly to sustainable development
- product from trash is cheaper
- reduces the need for raw materials
- require less energy
Raw material - crude oil

From crude oil we create plastic material
- more than 40 % of the world steel is made by recyclation
- in Slovakia metals are collected thanks to the specialized metal junkyards

Metals are 5% of the municipal waste. They are recycled in bigger percentage (around 34%), because of the limitations of sources and expenses in the making process.
For making a bicycle we need 670 aluminium cans. Recyclation of one can is able to safe energy that could be use for computer or televisios for 3 hours.
Recyckaion of aluminium takes 95% less energy and 99% les emitions.
- many villages, most of the towns and the big corporations recycling
- 9 % recycled (“Collecting yards”) - 156 tons
- 78% dump piles,
- 10% is incinerated
- 3% made into compost

Recycling in Slovakia
We use 2 or 4 sorts of trash containers.

black – municipal trash
green- glass
yellow – plastic
blue – papier
Since 1994 in countries where people do separation process, released into the atmosphere by 25,000 tons less greenhouse gases.
Textile (clothes)

- in our trash is only about 4% and is not recycled
- collected for charity in forms of clothes (Humana)
- collecting old clothes, only in capital city of Slovakia,
more than 78 of special containers
- sent to the countries or sold to second hands and
than the money is used to support projects in third
world countries
- each Slovak make 327 kg of trash every year
- number is not accurate - illegally is not
implanted into this result
- Illegal trash is burned or throw near roads or forests to avoid the taxes
In Slovakia - started project TrashOut

- environmental project aiming to locate illegal dumps all around the world
- help ordinary people to have impact on their environment
- help local institutions and governments to improve the situation in the world
- world initiative to locate and report all illegal dumps
Recycling of hazardous waste

- old electronics you can return to the shop where you are buying new one
- shop will take care of it
Around 75% of old accumulators and car batteries are gathered and all of them are recycled with 80% efficiency
- we keep the appliances longer before exchanging it for new ones
- 26th place in EU in recycling
- till 2015 - must higher the rate of recycled waste from households to 35%
- everybody don´t respect the environmental law
- many villages ignores that

Commission of the Union suggests that if every country in Union would obey the recycling laws it could save 72 billion euro every year and bring new 400 000 working places in waste management and recycling department until year 2020.
- program of waste management
- have to recycling containers in
every town and village till year 2015
EU regulations
- individual separation of paper by its kind and from other materials
- this work is made by workers not by machines
- recycling of paper is able to repeat for 7 times
- puzzles, toilet paper. kitchen wipes, packages for eggs, shopping bags an many others
- is useful, but no easy

- less quality of secondary material

- less quality how of visage of the material

- trash are mixed, we need separately waste with hand (emloyees) or machine (more costs)
How toilet paper is made
Paper recycling
- coloured paper, postcards, diary
- the transition to recycled toilet paper can change the world
For example
if every household in the U.S. once bought, instead of one regular toilet paper, fourpack toilet paper from recycled paper, it would help to eliminate the emergence of tons of chlorine gas, save 1.35 trillion liters of water, and would save about one million trees
Home-made recycled paper
You need:
- old newspapers, mixer, natural dyes, liquid starch, window screen

How you made:
We create small pieces of newspaper
Mix it with water, slowly adding more paper and water
We put in liquid starch, you can put natural dyes for coloring the substance
The substance is then applied on window screen and covered with a second screen. We push it to get out water from the substance either by hand or with roller.
After that we can add some decorations like leafs or flower petals
Then we put the result still on the lower screen to dry place till its completely dry
In the end we iron the result, cut it to the shape we want and it's ready to use
New trend in Taiwan - shoes, handbag from recyclated paper
- only one factory for recycling glass

How is made
- material first have to be separated by noncolored and colored glass
- crushed into very small pieces
- mixed with other ingredients before putting into smelter
- glass is melted it is turned into the desired shape on automatic line
- finally it’s cooled and checked
Slovakia should try to put less glass on junk piles and thus save much more money, space and environment
- in most of the developed countries use both of this principles
- minimally 85% glass is recycle
- understand the importance of protecting environment

- less developed countries is important the economic factor
- much lower percent of recycled glass
Recyclation of glass have double meaning in society - economic and ecologic
- plastic polymers require greater processing
- plastics must often be of nearly identical composition to mix efficiently
- use of dyes, fillers, and other additives in
Thank you
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