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Michelle McAveety & Bethzaida Gutierrez

No description

lib hist

on 2 September 2018

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Transcript of Michelle McAveety & Bethzaida Gutierrez

Michelle McAveety
Bethzaida Gutierrez

Our soldiers
Our soldiers are Ross A. McGinnis & Garlin Murl Conner.
Garlin Murl Conner: Valor
Lieutenant Conner showed valor on January 24th, 1945 during WW2. His regiment was being attacked by German troops near Houssen, France. Conner volunteered to run into the enemy to direct the friendly artillery onto the enemy. He ran 400 yards of phone wire into the heart of the attacking force to send signals of where to drop the atrillery. Garlin Conner placed himself in the face of the firing attackers to help his regiment. He remained minimally protected in a small ditch for hours during his brave run. I chose valor for Conner because he risked his life to let his regiment win, when death was almost certain.
Ross A. MCginnis: Sacrifice
On December 4th, 2006, Ross A. McGinnis sacrificed his life for his Battalion. He spotted a grenade being thrown at his fellow troop's truck. Ross yelled out a warning, but instead of running away, he shielded 4 others from the grenade. I chose sacrifice for Ross McGinnis because his selfless act cost his life and saved others.
Facts about our soldiers
Facts In Common:
- Both born in June
- Both were awarded medals posthumously
- Both were in the Army
- Both awarded medals in the 21st Century
- Both awarded for "Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty."
Facts about our soldiers (cont.)
Facts not in common:
- Ross enlisted in the Army while Garlin was drafted
- Ross served in the Iraq War while Garlin served in WW2
- Ross received his medal from President George W. Busch in 2008, while Garlin received his President Donald J. Trump in 2018
- Ross was an Army Specialist, Garlin was a Technical Sergeant
- Ross was born and raised in Knox, Pennsylvania but Garlin was raised in Aaron, Kentucky
Movie Script: the historical gift shop
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