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No description

Megan Gibson

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Wrike

Why Wrike? Handles multiple projects
Easy to use vs. Microsoft Project
Web based and easily accessible for team members
Flexible for multifunctional teams
Ability to get things done successfully in one place.
Schedule, prioritize, discuss and track progress in real time — all with a few mouse clicks. Simple structure that is easy to navigate
Houses all of your work
Tasks, schedules, ideas, files and discussions — all at your fingertips.
Gantt charts, templates, activity streams all available
It's friendly. With "to-do" emails sent to you daily!
Most actions, even creating tasks from emails, take just a click or two.
Safe, secure, reliable
World-class SAS 70 data center, SSL protection, data backed up nearly every second
As secure as online banking. Wrike Facts Outlook Add-In Wrike's Outlook add-in replaces multiple e-mails on the same subject with a single interactive message updated in real time. This feature also allows you to create new tasks from your Outlook Inbox so you don't have to create tasks in two places. Gantt Charts
Wrike's Gantt charts can show you the "big picture" across several projects and enable you drill down to a particular employee's timeline easily.
Visualize your plans as well as reschedule them with one mouse motion.
Your team will see the up-to-date schedule instantly, without reloading their workspaces.

Interactive dashboard
Real-time activity streams
Instant email notifications about changes

Wrike lets you always stay organized. Sharing tasks and folders is also easy and is customizable for each user's account. Multiple Projects Made Easy Folders
A folder unites tasks that revolve around a common topic or activity.
Customize your folders to your needs.
Organize by department, project, office, category, etc.

You can selectively choose who you share your folders and subfolders with to keep your projects organized and assigned to the correct people.
Folders can be viewed by all or only you.

A task in Wrike is the smallest actionable item that you need to complete.
By creating tasks, your tables and gantt charts are automatically created in Wrike.
Tasks can be included in more than one folder/ subfolder. When information is updated in one folder, the information is updated everywhere.

A task that has no start date but has an end date.

Backlogged (Parking Lot)
Tasks that have no plan or due date yet. This is good for future ideas or plans. Organize Technical Details Handles a large number of people within multiple projects. Supports all of your favorite browsers Safe and Secure Customers of Wrike Cloud- based
with no programs to install or update Get your team involved...How? E-Mail made easy with Wrike To do lists sent daily, scheduled by you.
Include @ Wrike to send a document to your Wrike account automatically.
Reply to Wrike E-mails for your Wrike account to be updated.
Tag within Wrike- E-mail sent to tagged person automatically. 1. Any task that takes more than X should be logged in Wrike.

2. Update tasks in Wrike regularly

3. Create individual personal files for important tasks and view them on the dashboard. Dr. Albritton needs to share the tasks involved in creating the Double Degrees and Areas of Concentration. He specifically wants to share information regarding the MD/MBA program with Marc Miller, Dean of GRU's Business School. However, he does not want to share any other tasks from this project with Dean Miller, as they do not relate to the MD/MBA program. You can easily do it in Wrike.

Assign the task to Dean Miller by choosing his name from the drop-down menu in the task details form. He will be able to access only this task and will have no idea about the other tasks on this project (Double Degrees/ AOCs). Dr. Albritton's structure and Marc Miller's views may look like this: Let's say you are working on the "Conference" project with MCG's Communication's Director, Toni Baker. In Wrike, you can easily share the "Conference" folder with Toni, without allowing her to view any of your other projects. Your own folder structure and Toni Baker's hierarchy may look like this: Folder Sharing Views *wrike.com Share Data Selectively
By default, when you create a task, Wrike automatically specifies its notification settings for this task according to the folder settings ("Auto"). If you want to get notified about the changes made to this task, make sure "Follow" is set. If you don't want to get notifications about the changes made to this task, choose "Ignore."

You can automatically start following a task if you leave a comment to a task where your name is mentioned after the @ symbol in the comments, as Wrike considers this taking an interest in the topic. Follow a Task Need Help? Call or e-mail Megan at X3886 or megibson@gru.edu
Wrike Tutorials at: https://www.wrike.com/wiki/help/
Live online chat with Wrike Associates
Free trial ends April 29, 2013 Wrike is now mobile with Gantt charts! Download the free Wrike app onto your iPhone or Android device now!

The new mobile Gantt chart enables you to quickly browse your project plans on the go and adjust your plans with a tap! Just like in the web version, you can drag task bars to reschedule the tasks.

You can also set when you’d like to receive push notifications on your smartphone from Wrike’s app (go to Settings->Preferences->Notifications). *wrike.com Blue= Active
Red= Overdue
Green= Completed Questions? Shortcuts C= Create Task
F= Create Folder
Y= Update Status
S= Search Project Management A process to help organize tasks, divide tasks into component parts, allocate tasks, and provide timelines (Gantt Charts) with tracks to stay organized and in sync with all projects assigned to you and your staff.
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