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Parts of the computers - SENA

No description

Juan Pablo Ruiz Pinzon

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Parts of the computers - SENA

Parts of the computer
Juan Pablo Ruiz
Julian David Montano Study these instructions for virus checking a disk.
Fill in the blanks with verbs from the list.
Use "Don`t" where appropriate

1) put the disk into the drive.
2) start the virus checking program.
3) select the drive to be checked.
4) click the find button.
5) exit the program until the check is complete.
6) click "Yes" or "No" for checking another disk. Click
start Tuning in: Work in pairs, study this diagram of the inside of a computer.
Can you label these components?
Compare your answers with other students in your class Label the picture: Power Supply Drive Hard Disk Ram Mother Board Processor Task 1:Listening
"Buying a computer" Task 2 Reading: The motherboard Study this diagram of a PC motherboard. Match the components to their descriptions. 1) These are memory chips. The more you have the more work you can do at a time. Empty memory slots mean you can add more memory.
2) This is the "brain' of the computer.
3) lt`s part of the memory store. It has extremely fast access. It's faster than normal RAM. It can speed up the computer.
4) These let yon add features such as sound or a modem to your computer.
5) This kind of memory contains all the instructions your computer needs to activate itself when you switch on. Unlike RAM, Its contents are retained when you switch off TIP: Use an arrow to match! Study these instructions for replacing the
motherboard in a PC. Match the instructions to each picture.
The pictures are in the correct order. Task 3: Instructions TIP: Use an arrow to match! Task 4: Writing
Instructions TIPS Task 5: Writing more
Instructions Select one of the following processes and write the appropriate instructions
5 to 10 sentences
USE SEQUENCE WORDS (first, second, then) Use DON´T in case. Formatting a hard drive
Replacing a printer cartridge
installing linux
Installing windows
Setting up a LAN
Setting up a MODEM Turn on the computer
then, remove the cartdridge Slots Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 a b c e d
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