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How to manage a successful event

No description

Nicky Hui

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of How to manage a successful event

Event Planning Software Finally there is one other question, that is How to manage a successful event 3 steps in manage a successful EVENT 1. Planning 2. Promotion 3. Evaluation Why do we want to hold the event?
- To build profile
- To raise money
- To motivate the participant
- To draw public attention What kind of event do we want to run?
- Outdoor? Indoor?
- Site-based? A Meeting?
- A demo? A high street action? Who will do it?
Who are our potential allies?
Who are our partners? 1. Event planning Where do we want to do it
- Venue? Site? The 5 Ws Checklist When do we want to do it?
Is it time critical?
Is it weather-dependent? 2. Promote an event
- Posting the news in social media ; website and email

- People knows you will be likely believe in you, and it helps to spread out the news in the community

- Easy to manage the guest list

- Benefit from people finding your
event via search feature

- Easy for someone to tell their friends and
encourage a higher participant rate
- A great video can earn thousand of views on

- The audience will give you an instant
feedback WHY WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN Encourage RSVPs in SOCIAL MEDIA Leverage your NETWORK Record VIDEO and SHARE on Youtube 3. Event Evaluation - Do it immediately after the event - Conduct meeting with your team to evaluation the event - Get feedback from your clients through feedback form Event evaluation is necessary to make you and your team more effective and efficient, when organize the next event, it's all about finding your mistakes and learning from them. WHEN HOW WHAT MONEY - How much is the event going to cost?
- Where will the money come from? Event planning Tool Smartphone App Market Checklist http://www.easyeventplanning.com Event Planner (Android) Fandang0 (Apple) PLANNING PROMOTE EVALUATION summary
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