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Animals have special structures that let them survive in the

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Jennifer Wainscott

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Animals have special structures that let them survive in the

Animals have special structures that let them survive in their environment!

They can defend themselves.......move around.....and obtain resources.......
Camouflage-let's animals blend into the environment
Mimicry-looking like another living thing or like a nonliving part of the environment
Change size to prevent attacks......
Emit smells
Emit body fluids, like ink
Allow animals to flee or hide from predators........
*Body design
*Sensory Organs
*Legs for speed or jumping
*Light-weight skeletons (for flight)

Allow animals to make holes/tunnels to run into
or climb with their paws or toenails
Animals have structures for Movement.......
*Legs, feet, arms
*Tails, fins, wings
*Body design and skeleton
Structures to obtain resources
*Mouth parts(beaks, teeth, flexible jaws, tongues, tube-shaped) to chew tear and eat its food or drink

Allow animal to grab and hold its food..........
Tentacles, pincers, claws, fangs

Allow animals to consume food found in water
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