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Success Criteria for Report Card Comments

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paulette alcox

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Success Criteria for Report Card Comments

Deepening Our Understanding of the Success Criteria for
Writing Effective Report Card Comments

Step 1:
Minds On
Step 2:
Unpack the Success Criteria
What does it mean...
#1 ...to me?
#2 ... at our table?
#3 ...with the large group?
Step 3:
Gap Analysis
Did we miss anything?
Step 4:
Organizing our Thinking
Step 5:
Critique the Piece
Think like
a parent...
...how about a student?
What tool can we use to organize our comments?
In writing anecdotal comments, teachers should focus on what students have learned, describe significant strengths, and identify next steps for improvement. Teachers should strive to use language that parents will understand and should avoid language that simply repeats the wordings of the curriculum expectations or the achievement chart. When appropriate, teachers may make reference to particular strands. The comments should describe in overall terms what students know and can do and should provide parents with personalized, clear, precise, and meaningful feedback. Teachers should also strive to help parents understand how they can support their children at home.
Growing Success, 2010, page 64
In the Growing Success document, we are reminded...
Choose a sample comment. Hold it up to the criteria.
Step 6:
Re-work the Piece
How can we "bump it up"?
Craft an excellent comment using the template AND apply the success criteria.
On Your Own:
Design to Specs

Step 7:
Deconstructing a
Can we trace a sample comment back to the template to see how it was constructed?
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