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Political Scandals Since 1960

No description

Lydia Henson

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Political Scandals Since 1960

Political Scandals Since 1960
There have been many political scandals that have changed the course of history forever and influenced our history as a country.
Chappequiddick Scandal
* The Chappaquiddick Scandal took place on July 18, 1969.
* Edward M. "Teddy" Kennedy, who was 37 years old at the time, drove into the Poucha Pond on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.
* Mary Jo Kopchne, a 27 year old "boiler girl", was in the car when it went into the Poucha Pond and passed away.
* He was leaving a party in Chappequddick and offered to drive Mary Jo Kopechne back to her hotel.
* He was thought to be drunk at the time and drove off the side of the road and into the Poucha Pond.
* Kennedy waited almost 10 hours before notifying the police.
* Although Kopechne's parents wanted Kennedy charged for the death of their daughter, Kennedy was never formally charged.
* President Richard Nixon was accused of being the orchestrator of the break-in on the Democratic National Committee headquarters.
* It happened in June of 1972.
* The men who broke into the Watergate Hotel were James W. McCord Jr., G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt Jr., and six other men.
* They wiretapped phones and email, stole private information, and photocopied important documents.
* 5 of the men were arrested on the spot.
* In the beginning, President Nixon denied having any involvement in the break-in. However, his claim was soon proved to be false by the statement of Alexander Butterfield who reported to the authorities that President Nixon was the one who orchestrated the entire break-in.
* After all the evidence was gathered and Nixon finally realized that there was no way out, he quietly resigned before the Supreme Court could officially impeach him.
Impacts of these Scandals
The impacts of these scandals were monumental in their own ways.
Because of the Chappaquddick Scandal, Ted Kennedy was never able to run for president.
The Watergate Scandal led to the Congress creating new legislation that put limits on campaign finance and other areas of the government .
The Iran-Contra Affair brought about several reforms around foreign policy.
Iran-Contra Affair
* This scandal occurred in the 1980's during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
* President Reagan instructed Robert McFarlane to do everything in his power to aid the Contras in Nicaragua.
* McFarlane then sent weapons and military aid to Iranians in order to have several American hostages released.
* At first, President Reagan denied that the entire situation had ever occurred. However, he recanted his statement a week later.
* With the $48 million that they received from the Iranians for the weapons, John Poindexter and Oliver North sent weapons and military aid to a group of rebels in Nicaragua who were planning a coup against their recently elected leader.
* Oliver North's actions were said to have been authorized by the President himself. However, he was fired from his job because of it.
*John Poindexter resigned before he could be fired.
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