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Geothermal Energy

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What is this Bilbo

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy
Brief On Geothermal Energy
Disadvantages to Geothermal Energy
Although there are no real solutions to Co2, there are ways that we can be helpful to the environment. Geothermal energy is cost efficient, meaning it can be in almost all the states of America. Would you want to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to turn your lights on, because the sun isn't out? Me neither. But, with geothermal energy, you'll have energy 24/7, unlike other energy sources...
Geothermal energy is the form of heating liquids to produce steam, which then generates electrical energy. This energy is not only reliable, but it is also renewable. The clean, dependable steam produced comes from cost efficient tanks, which are not as large as you would think. The problem is, the U.S is already dependent on fossil fuels, which can create carbon, and when burned, can create Co2, which is a terrible thing.
Generating concepts
- Conserves Energy
- Little Pollution
- Economic Benefits Can be of Direct Use
- Doesn't take a lot of Space
Possible Solutions
We can use Geothermal energy to power our cities, towns, homes, and potentially the rest of the world. Geothermal energy can solve everyday issues, such as the amount of Co2. With geothermal energy, you can produce clean steam, which means less pollution around the world. Geothermal tanks don't take a lot of room, so there is always space for houses. We're blindfolded to our own fate.
Advantages To Geothermal Energy
from steam, to electric
Description of Sketch
Stem Careers
- Geologists -Geo Chemists -Geo Physicists
-Hydrologists -Reservoir Engineers
-Hydraulic Engineers -Heating Engineers
-Mechanical Engineers -Electrical Engineers
Fun Facts!
Hot springs are examples of Geo-thermal energy.
Only produces 2% of energy in U.S
Geo- means earth, thermal- means heat, therefor creating earth heat.
And a special guest host appearence by:
Morgan Freeman
gj m8 rate 8/8

Basically, heat rises, and then turns into steam and travels to turbine generator. Next, it uses the steam to create electricity. Then it reaches the cooling center/injection well, which takes the energy to homes, and reuses the steam to return to the beginning of the cycle.
- High cost
- Possible to run out of steam
- Harmful gasses
- Not easily transported
- Suitable for certain regions only
- Earthquakes can be caused
Ladies and Gentlemen!


(Jonathan B, Willie D, Jerry S,
Hratch P, and Haargus Mcfaargus N)

Wait, so the geothermal energy is created through pipes?
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