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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Presentation

Cooper Fellows

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Ted Bundy

The Tale of Ted Bundy Rafi As Told By || Cooper Adam Steve The Scene February 15 , 1978 - The Florida Panhandle David Lee runs plates, car comes back stolen. Struggle occurs, David Lee arrests Bundy Bundy is driving a stolen VW bug, leaving Tallahassee "You should have killed me" ~ Bundy after being apprehended What Was He Driving From? Bundy arrived in FL January 8th 1978 January 13th early morning || Breaks into Chi-Omega Sorority at FSU Strangles, beats and kills Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman Sexually assaults Lisa Levy Bludgeons and badly injures Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner The Evidence Chi-Omega Killings Prior Evidence 1975 - Bundy fails to stop for Officer
Officer Hayward searches car finds rape kit: Ski Mask
Tire Iron
Pantyhost Mask
Ice Pick Thinks they are burglary tools Tried For Murder-
Escaped Twice From Custody
Heads to Chicago
Will Get to Florida weeks later 1979 - On Trial For Chi-Omega Murders Forensic Odontology Eyewitness Identification Nita Neary, arriving late at the house was able to confirm Bundy's identity after winessing him leave. Kimberly Leach 1980 - On Trial For Murder In January Convicted on all counts.
Sentenced to death. Fiber Analysis Matched Kimberly's clothing,
Found in Bundy's Car Blood Evidence Blood samples from underwear match Bundy's blood type. Blood samples from carpet of Bundy's van match Kimberly's Guilt on all counts.
Received death sentence. The Silver Bullet Impression Evidence Shoe impressions taken from soil near body match Bundy's shoe Questions?
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