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I present you some simple "Travelling Tips" expecting that they be useful for you and your travel mates!

Darwin Vasquez

on 13 July 2010

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If you don`t have a Schengen Visa, you can`t go to a country of the European Community... If I travel to U. S. without a creditcard, I will be in trouble to rent a car... If you packed your suitcases with excess of weight, you would damage the zippers... If I had reviewed all my documents in advance, I would have been more relaxed before the trip... If he had bought his dollars last week, he would have been ready to travel If I reserved my tickets for Statue of Liberty, I would have gotten extra tickets for Ellis Island... Then, ask for a Schengen Visa in advance if you want to visit an European Country! Don`t forget ask if you will need additional documents and if it will have extra charges! So, if I want to rent a car in U. S. I have to had a credit card!!!
You can travel without a credit card, but the warranty in hotels, rent-a-car agencies, and other places is a voucher of yor credit card! Therefore, be careful when you`re packing your luggage and don`t overload it!!!
In addition, you must to respect the regulations about baggage for domestic and International flights of your airline! Of course, I need to be sure that I have all my documents as required!
Furthermore, you have to review your tickests (and its restrictions), your currency, and your vouchers (hotel, car, etc)... Please, buy your currency at least three or four days before your departure!
Moreover, ask for prices of currency with different money exchange agents! Wait! Ask for promotions, discounts, and specials in different places and websites before buy your tickets for tours and attractions!
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