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Canis Major

"Big Dog"

Akhil Vaidya

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Canis Major

Double click anywhere & add an idea Canis Major "Greater Dog" Canis Major is known as the Great Dog. One myth says that it represents the dog Laelaps, which was a gift from Zeus to Europa. Another myth says that Canis Major and another constellation called Canis Minor (Small Dog), are Orion's hunting dogs. Orion is another constellation of a hunter. Canis Major used to be one of the most important constellations in ancient times because the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, was part of it. Canis Major is best seen in the evening sky until late June. At this time, the constellation is located low to the west. It is also visible in the late evening sky in November. This time, the constellation is located to the east. But it is best seen in February at 9:00 pm. Four Brightest Stars
1. Siruis
2. Adhara
3. Wezen
4. Murzim Apparent Magnitudes
1. Sirius -1.5
2. Adhara 1.5
3. Wezen 1.8
4. Murzim 2
5. Aludra 2.5
6. Furud 3
7. Muliphen 4.1 Stars Apparent Magnitude Absolute Magnitude Type of Star Distance from Earth Color Surface Temperature

Sirius -1.46 1.4 A1V 8.6 Red 9880 K

Adhara 1.50 -4.0 B2II 405 Blue 21900 K

Wezen 1.84 -6.9 F8Iab 1800 Brown Yellow 6200 K

Mirzam 1.98 -3.94 B1II-III 500 Blue 25800 K
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