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Underground by Jean Ferris

No description

Angela Ackley

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Underground by Jean Ferris


by Jean Ferris

Get to Know the Characters
There are three distinct categories of characters in "Underground".
The Way Out
You've had the opportunity to learn about the historical context and people involved in this novel. It's time to make connections between the real world and the world of "Underground." Click the document for your assignment.
Get to Know the Setting
Mammoth Cave Kentucky
Get to Know the Circumstances
Slavery, Quilting, Underground Railroad
What was it like to be a slave in Kentucky in the 1830's?
How are quilting and American slavery related? Visit the following websites to help you answer the question.
Underground Railroad
Railroad? Underground? In Mammoth Cave? Hunh? Click to learn more.
The Slaves
What was life in early 1800's Kentucky like for a slave? Click to read about this.
The Tourists
What was tourism like in the 1800's? Click on the link to find out.
The owners/business people
What was life as a slave owner like in 1830's Kentucky? Click to find the answer.
Before you leave...
Watch this video about another book with the same content as "Underground".
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
1. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/02/0205_040205_slavequilts.html
2. http://ses.westport.k12.ct.us/squire/idivsquares.htm
1. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p2944.html
2. http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/multimedia/interactive/the-underground-railroad/?ar_a=1
3. http://www.ket.org/kentuckystory/program5.htm
1. http://docsouth.unc.edu/neh/johnson/johnson.html
2. http://docsouth.unc.edu/neh/mccray/mary.html
The song you hear playing, "Follow the Drinking Gourd," tells the story of how the slaves followed a constellation to their freedom in the North. Listen to it for a while before continuing on your path. For more information about this song visit http://www.followthedrinkinggourd.org/What_The_Lyrics_Mean.htm
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