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My Plate

No description

Eileen Mallof

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of My Plate

My Plate
Forest County Potawatomi
Summer Day Camp

boost potassium and vitamin D, and cut sodium
top off your meals
choose cheeses with less fat
10 tips to help you eat and drink
more fat-free or low-fat dairy foods
"skim" the fat
skip the butter and cream
ingredient switch
choose sweet dairy foods with care
add skim or low-fat milk to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
can't drink milk?
take care of yourself and your family
How many servings of dairy did you eat yesterday?
Did you have dairy yet today?
What will you eat later today to complete your dairy servings for the day?
Food for Thought
Try your best to think about what you eat!
vary your protein food choices
choose seafood
twice a week
make meat and poultry lean or
eat plant protein more often
have an egg!
nuts and seeds
make a healthy sandwhich
check the sodium
portion sizes!
10 tips for
choosing protein
keep it tasty
and healthy!
chicken nuggets
hot dog
canned tuna
Food for Thought
Try your best to think about what you eat!
How many protein foods did you eat yesterday?
Have you eaten protein yet today?
What protein foods will you eat later today?
simple switch
healthy snacks
mix it up
check the fiber
bake up some whole-grain goodness
check the ingredient list
let's practice
shop smart
10 Tips for
Choosing Whole Grains
100% wheat
Food For Thought
Which of your favorite foods contain whole grains?
What new whole grain foods would you like to try?
How could you help a friend choose whole grain foods?
Serving Sizes
5-6 servings per day
whole wheat
high fiber
check the facts!!
Is this a "smart grain"?
Food for Thought
10 tips to
focus on fruit
see it, eat it!
taste the seasons
remember fiber
be a role model
start with breakfast
try fruit at lunch
experiment at dinner
fruit snacks
(not the gummy kind)
Did you eat one of your favorite fruits yesterday?
Have you eaten fruit today?
What new fruits or fruit dishes would you like to try?
keep fruits safe
the darker, the better
check the freezer
stock up
salads glow with color
make it fast
stay ahead of the game
taste the seasons
try something new
sip on some soup
swap sides
10 Tips for Eating More Vegetables
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