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Writing Across the Curriculum: Increasing Writing to Promote Student Achievement

Teachers in the content areas of Math, Science, and Social Studies will understand how to incoporate writing in their daily lessons.

Na Tasha Crain

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Writing Across the Curriculum: Increasing Writing to Promote Student Achievement

Na Tasha Crain, Language Arts Facilitator Writing Across the Curriculum: Increasing Writing to Promote Student Achievement Put cell phones on vibrate, avoid texting/FB, etc.
Take care of yourself: stand, stretch, move, get comfy, get snacks, etc.
Respect others opinions.
Refrain from talking while information is being presented.
Keep a professional and positive attitude. Norms • Promotes learning;
• Promotes student participation, a diversity of student voices, and engage students as critical thinkers while promoting their texts as important resources and thinking tools;
• Integrates disciplines;
• Develops good writers;
• Using writing as part of instruction can be used in every classroom; and
• Only by practicing the thinking and writing conventions of an academic discipline will students begin to communicate effectively within that discipline. Why Write Across the Curriculum??? Writing for Achievement
Writing for Assessment Fosters critical thinking and learning
Impromptu, short/informal writing tasks
Helps students think through key concepts and ideas throughout the lesson
Attention is focused on ideas rather than correctness of style, grammar, or spelling Writing to Learn Writing to Demonstrate Knowledge Holistic Scoring Rubric STAAR/EOC Writing Objectives
Understand the need for writing in all content areas.
Understand the difference between writing for achievement and writing for assessment.
Understand and implement the various forms of writing for achievement such as writing to learn and writing to demonstrate knowledge.
Create a writing prompt for their content area of study. The Participant Will: Writing in EVERY Class: a strategy that teachers employ throughout and/or at the end of a lesson to engage students and develop big ideas and concepts. An assignment that teachers employ when they assign reports, essays, persuasive writing letters and papers, and research papers Show what they have learned by synthesizing information and explaining their understanding of concepts and ideas
Write for an audience with a specific purpose
Apply knowledge in new ways or use academic structures for research and/or formal writing
Adhere to format and style guidelines or standards typical of professional papers
Checked before being submitted for correctness of spelling, grammar, and other conventions of the English Language Developing Effective Rubric Based Assignments Development of Rubrics are Important Holistic Scoring
Analytical Scoring
Weighted Trait Scoring
Primary Trait Scoring Types of Rubrics 1. Set the content objectives for learning.
2. Think about the form the writing will take.
3. Consider the intellectual demands of the assignment.
4. When making an assignment, select an objective, match it with a writing form and create a focused activity.
5. Specify the evaluation criteria for the assignment. Organization/Progression
Development of Ideas
Use of Language and Conventions List of criteria provided to receive a particular score
Encourages the reader to evaluate the effect of the essay as a whole
Student feedback is required in addition to the single score given in order to understand how writing can be improved Using the format provided with the handout, develop a writing prompt for your content area that could be implemented into your lesson plans for the current or upcoming six weeks. Ticket Out Select the following:
Approach See the examples provided as a guide. What writing to learn strategies can you implement in your lessons before, during, and at the end of class? Let's Brainstorm!
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