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Dominican Republic

No description

Tori Evans

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Thank You!
The Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean with miles of white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. But there's a lot more to the Dominican Republic than sand and ocean.Today I will be informing you of Dominican cultures, weather and their food. I hope you enjoy my presentation.
People say unless there is a tropical wave or storm the year round forecast is partly sunny or partly cloudy with a possibility of a brief but heavy
shower. Rain is not very common in The
Dominican Republic but when it rains, it is mainly at sunrise, late in the afternoon or at night.
Dominicans have many different foods then we have in Canada. One of their most common plate eaten by everyone is rice and beans. Rice and beans are pretty much the staple of every meal because they are highly nutritious, very tasty and cheep. The dish isn't usually served by its self it is normally served with meat and a basic salad. For some people spicey is better. If so the Dominicans have a dish for you. The dish is called stewed goat or chivo picantem(picante means spicy).
Sancocho is one of the most famous dishes in the DR .
Sancocho was originated from the spanish housewives
who colonized in the Dominican Republic in the 1600's.
The dish is made from 5 different meats. It also has an
amazing selection of Tubers, vegetables and spices.
Rice and beans
The Dominican Republic is near the equator and only has two seasons, summer and spring. But it does have it's cooler months and they are December - April the temperature may even go down to about 18 degrees Celsius at night.
Tourism is very popular in
Dominican Republic for many
reasons. 1 being because they
have fabulous beaches and waters 2 because the people are so friendly 3 because they have warm weather and not a lot of rain. Tourists also love the DR because they have a lot of fun activities to do. Some activities that i love to do when we go is my dads large catamaran excursion called Freestyle, the all inclusive hotels but my favorite place to go is a beach called Macau.
I learned a lot and had a lot of doing my Discovery Quest on Dominican Republic. I hope you
learned a lot about Dominican Republic from my presentation.
Macau is a very quite beach with
no hotels but it is visited by a lot of
tourists on the outback jeep safari. The jeep safari's final destination is Macau beach. The tourists get an hour of awesome surfing waves and or clear water swimming.Macau also has great beaches for making sand castles or for just sitting on. I think
Macau is a great beach and if i could i would go every day.
The Dominican people are made up of mainly European and African roots, but they did have some Taino influence. Taino is A native group that is part of the Arawak peoples of South America. A big part of Dominican culture is baseball. It is a major part of Dominican pride. Most boys grow up with dreams of making it to the big leagues.
jeep safari
Interesting Fact
The population of the entire island is approximately 10,415,000
Interesting Fact
Did you know that Christopher Columbus discovered the Dominican Republic in 1492
Interesting fact
The capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo with a population of approximately 1,000,000 people. Santo Domingo also has an Ikea! The first in the Caribbean.
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