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Facebook kills face-to-face conversations

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Vale Hernández

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Facebook kills face-to-face conversations

Do you still have face-to-face conversations?
Today, the most common and important tool that people have to communicate with others is technology and the different social networks that the smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc, have. Although these tools are very useful and efficient, we got to recognize that also have many disadvantages; one of them could be that it kills our social skills, exactly, face-to-face social skills. But, is that true or false? Let’s see!
Social Networks
Yes, in some cases, Facebook are killing face-to-face conversations.
Obsession with social networks.
No privacy.
health diseases.
It is actually bad in some cases...
Miss you!
Help us to keep in touch with people who are not near to us.
Its free
Share information and opinions
Innovative communication
Better expression.
Not everything is bad, you know...
Does Facebook kills face-to-face conversations?
Vivian Páez
Valeria Hernández 11B

Humans have to learn to use technology and the social networks that it gives us. The problem is not about Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or any of them; the problem is about
and the way we use these tools, use should be moderate and responsible, we can’t stop talking face to face to other people because of technology, especially when we know that the excessive use of these devices could cause us health diseases and end with relationships with our family and friends.
Dont want to be alone
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