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UT New Directions (Final)

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Renee Allen

on 7 October 2017

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Transcript of UT New Directions (Final)

Renee Nicole Allen
DeShun Harris

Millennials, the "Colorblind" Generation
UCLA Law Students: 33
"School 3"
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"School 2"
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True or False: Referees always base their calls on the rules of the game.

Trigger Warnings
Alerts that professors are expected to issue if something in a course might cause a strong, emotional response.
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Your Title Here
Biases that we hold that we are not consciously aware of, which often arise in times of stress.
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"I believe that every moment in life (and certainly in the life of law school) can be an occasion for teaching and learning. Thank you for creating an opportunity for me to put this deeply held belief into practice."

~Professor Patricia Leary, Whittier Law School
Millennials Aren't Colorblind
abstract liberalism
cultural racism
minimization of racism
naturalization of racism
Racial Microagressions
A seemingly innocuous casual comment or gesture that’s typically used to dismiss and degrade the experience and identities of minorities.
Because most attorneys generally tend to believe they only make logically and reasoned decisions, that makes them more susceptible to bias.
To mitigate bias students must be taught explicit ways to combat implicit biases.
Implicit bias
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