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The "M Show" case.~

No description

Kels López

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The "M Show" case.~

"Show M" case.
First of all, this emerged like an urban legend, but a lot of people says it is real, and also they have a picture that proves it, but late we are going to see that picture.
The story starts in the 70's and it's told by a guy who had the misfortune to be in the event.
The man talk about "The M Show" that according to the descriptions, he talk about a childrens TV show called "The new ZOO avenue"
The most unexpected day, they received a card that contained a pamphlet with "Welcome to the Club" on it. From that moment, the kids started to receive cards every day with bibliographic information of the characters, tag questions and child jokes, etc.
One day they received an announcement, the show bus was about to travel around the city and if you was a member of the club, you could be with them and also you could gain a Golden membership card.
Of course they were really expecting that , and the three were so excited for the surprise.
Finally the day came and the boy and his friend were the most excited about that day, and they awoke early that day.
For the misfortune of the guy, his sister had a sleepover in a house of a friend of her and the parents of the sister's friend took a little to carry her to her house.
It was getting late so the guy's friend leave first and it wasn't until 2 hours later that they arrived to the place where the show bus was going to stay.
But when they arrived there wasn't bus, just a bunch of people with strange expressions, looking around. . . One of them was the friend's mom who was really hysterical about that.
His friend's mom and the mother of they guy talked and he suddenly listened to that. . .
The next day, the little guy tuned the program and when it started, a character request the kids to call their parents to watch the program. After that the affirmed that they had never made a trivia in any magazine, or a tour in the city, they didn't do anything of that and of course they didn't know what just happened
They were very enthusiastic about that and of course they inmediately sent their answers in cards and waited for reply, but it took so long that he, the boy, lost a little of interest in the show and the reply, so did his sister, but among that, his friend didn't give up and she keep hopes.
She said that the bus was there, but a character got off the bus and asked us if we could "lend" our kids to record an episode of the show and then they would return, but at that time, had already spent more than an hour. . . After that they didn't see another bus, just lots of police and more.
The "M Show" case.~
The man says that he, his sister and his best friend (woman) were great fans of that "M" show.
One day, his sister saw in a magazine an article with a reference in the program; it was a trivia and if you answer correctly all the answers you will be able to gain a travel to DisneyLand or even better a membership card that accredits you as an official member of the program.
And so weeks after, the little girl's parent received a package that contained a video. . . In there the little girl is saw saying things like "I like this place. . . Dads, i wish you were here."
This is the photo that proves that. . .
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