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Matter and Atoms

No description

Isabel Yoon

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Matter and Atoms

- Matter: Anything that takes up space and has mass

Phases of Matter
- All matter on earth is in one of 3 phases:
Atom Structure
- An atoms has 3 parts (particles) to it:
Proton: Positive
Neutron: No charge
Electron: Negative charge

- Atoms: Basic building blocks of matter
- Can you see them?
Matter and Atoms
1. Understand the atom and its structure
2. Understand matter and phases
3. Understand the scientific method
Molecules: When two or more atoms chemically join together
- Element: A special type of atom that has a unique number of protons

How many elements do you think there are?
Can you think of any examples?
- Everything in the world is made up of matter
- Matter is made up of atoms
- Atoms have protons, neutrons, and electrons
- Matter exists in 3 states: Solid, liquid, gas
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