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IB English Oral Assessments

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on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of IB English Oral Assessments

IB English
Oral Assessments 11th- 12th Grade IOC- Senior Year Samples & Conclusion Sample #1: IOP Sample #2: IOC In Conclusion... Educator Goals for 2012-2013 IB Focus for IOC: Criterion for IOC: Worth 15% of their IB Grade: Worth 15% of their IB Grade: Criterion for IOP: IB Aims & Objectives: IOP- Junior Year The Individual Oral Presentation (IOP) is an opportunity for students to reflect on a text we have studied during Semester One. Outside of class time, students prepare their presentations, utilizing textual evidence and literary techniques. Their job is to point out patterns they've noticed, or discuss the author's style and the effect on the reader. They present their findings for the whole class for 10-15 minutes. A class discussion follows their presentation, which seeks to probe their content knowledge. AIMS:
"...develop the students' power of expression,
both in oral and written communication..."

"...demonstrate an ability to express ideas clearly
and fluently in both written and oral communication, with an effective choice
of register and style..." Criterion A: Knowledge & Understanding of the Work(s)
- How much knowledge and understanding
does the student show of the work(s) used
in the presentation? (10 marks)
Criterion B: Presentation
- How much attention has been given to
making the delivery effective and
appropriate for the presentation?
- To what extent are strategies used to
interest the audience (for example:
audibility, eye contact, gesture, effective
use of supporting material? (10 marks)
Criterion C: Language
- How clear and appropriate is the language?
- How well is the register and style (vocabulary,
tone, sentence structure, terminology) suited to
the choice of presentation? (10 marks) Students are assigned appointment dates and times. They are asked to choose between several blank envelopes containing extracts from works we have studied. They do not know which extract will be inside the envelope they choose. They have 20 minutes to annotate the passage, and organize an oral commentary, discussing the key points of the passage. Guiding questions are included. Their commentary will be tape-recorded.

SL: 8 minutes of student commentary, followed by 2 minutes of questions from the teacher on the extract.
HL: Same as SL EXCEPT the teacher will ask the student to engage in an additional 10 minutes of discussion about a different work studied in that
part of the semester. "...Students should aim to identify and explore all significant aspects of the extract. These include:

• situating the extract as precisely as possible in the context of the work from which it has been taken(or in the body of work, in the case of poetry)
• commenting on the effectiveness of the writer’s techniques, including the use of stylistic devices and their effect(s) on the reader..." SL:
Criterion A: Knowledge & Understanding of the extract (10)
Criterion B: Appreciation of the Writer's Choices (10)
Criterion C: Organization & Presentation (5)
Criterion D: Language (5)
30 Marks Total

Criterion A: Knowledge & Understanding of the Poem (5)
Criterion B: Appreciation of the Writer's Choices (5)
Criterion C: Organization & Presentation of the Commentary (5)
Criterion D: Knowledge & Understanding of the Work Used in Discussion (5)
Criterion E: Response to the Discussion Questions (5)
Criterion F: Language (5)
30 Marks Total "In the 2012-2013 school year, IB English students
will be able to provide oral commentary
on the texts studied in the course
for a minimum of 5 minutes in the Junior year
and at least 8 minutes in the Senior year
according to IB standards with a goal of proficiency." (Student PowerPoint) A great way to ensure student success, no matter what their chosen path, is to encourage and require a spoken component, and to demand excellence in that endeavor.

"Speak clearly, if you speak at all;
carve every word before you let it fall."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.-- (Student audio clip)
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