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divergent thinking

5 week Divergent Thinking class for English teachers in Korea.

dylan coyle

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of divergent thinking

Thinking by dylan coyle and other thinking good too Divergent
Thinking by dylan coyle This class will focus on
Divergent thinking:
what it is, how to use it,
and how to teach it. You will be evaluated on
three criteria in this class: Criticalness
Curiousness and
Creativity. Critical observations
of class materials.
Bringing book and tools
to record ideas to later share. Working well with
small groups.
Asking questions
and sharing feedback. Participation in class discussion,
sharing your opinions,
debating different view points.
Giving presentations.
Listening well, and
having a good attitude. The structure of the class
will be Think>Pair>Share.
You will have time to answer questions
based on texts, infographics, and videos.
Then you will develop your ideas
in a pair or small group.
Then your group will present your ideas
to the rest of the class.
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