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King David compared to Christ

Emily Fenstermaker and Shanka Isse

Emily Fenstermaker

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of King David compared to Christ

King David compared to Christ By: Emily Fenstermaker and Shanka Isse David Christ both David was the youngest son of eight children who were born of Jesse. he defeated the philistine Goliath with just a sling, a stone, and God. he was anointed by the prophet Samuel When God requested him as king of Israel. Jesus is God's one and only son That gave his life for us, the broken and sinful people. David wasn't perfect though. He was only human so he did sin in his time. Though through all of his failures, he is considered to be one of the greatest Kings of Israel. He was born of a virgin named Mary and lived on earth as a human. He was innocent his whole life but because of us He died on the cross, resurrected in 3 days, and saved us from death. Both were born in Bethlehem. Both were prophets explaining about God. Both are kings and ruled over lost people. Both are strong men who were symbols of courage. They both believe in peace and love. What God planned for both of them was big, but both stayed with it despite what others said about them. They are both related. the real difference between Christ and David is that David was a king, Christ was and is a King. The End
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