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No description

janessa athwal

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of dogs

German Shepherd
These are some facts about German Shepherd's. German Shepherd's life span is 9 to 13 years old. A female dog weight is 22-32 kg or 66- 88 lb, a male dog would be 30- 40 kg or 66- 88 lb. A few word to describe a german shepherd is strong, guard dog and obedient. The color is mostly tan with a black saddle. I hope that now you know more about a german shepherd
King Charles Spaniel
Siberian Husky
You may have heard of a dog breed called a Pug. They have wrinkles on their face, a curled tail but that is what makes them unique. These dogs are every popular and have been around for thousands of years. The size of this dog is small and that makes them even more cute. This dog would be called a lap dog because it loves to cuddle with their owner. A few words to describe a Pug are charming, playful, clever, quiet, sociable etc. Pugs need lots of walks to stay fit. Pugs cant swim at all so if you love to swim with your dog a Pug isn't for you. I hope you learned something about Pugs.
I'll be talking about Beagle another popular dog breed. Its size is small to medium so its really fun to have them around the house. Usually this dogs lifespan is 12-15 years. A few words that describe a Beagle are gentle, excitable, determined, intelligent etc. A male Beagle is almost always larger than a female Beagle. This dog needs a lot of exercise to stay fit. A cute thing about Beagles is that they have floppy ears. Usually this dog is Black, white, tan, brown, ruby etc. They are really good with kids and they are also really good watchdogs. You must say it would be nice to have a Beagle around in your house.

Here are some facts about King Charles Spaniels . Did you know that their lifespan is 9-14 years old. One cute thing about King Charles Spaniel is that they love too cuddle with their owner. This dog has such a strong bond with their owner that they are recommend for people that are home more often.They get along with children really well. This dog comes in white,tan, black, brown, ruby etc. You gotta say they're pretty cute.

By Gurleen & Janessa

Golden Retriever
Golden retriever, a dog breed you may have heard. Its a
popular dog breed and nice to have around. This dog is
a fabulous family pet, they love to have fun, they are well in sports and have excellent sense of smell. A few words that describe
a golden retriever are kind, confident, trustworthy, intelligent etc. This dog is the fourth smartest dog. Golden Retriever dominated the 80's & 90's entertainment. Their lifespan is 11 or 12 years and their popular assistance dog. I hope you learned something about golden retriever.

I will be talking about another dog breed called Siberian husky. Siberian Husky's look very much like a wolf, because of its piercing eyes, long fur and its ears. A few thing you should know before getting a Siberian Husky is that it sheds a lot, not as easy to potty train and a awful watch dog but besides that a Siberian Husky will be fun to have around your house. You must give it a walk ever day to stay healthy and fit. Its life span is 12-14 years. A few words to describe a Siberian Husky are alert, gentle, outgoing, energetic and many more. They are very cuddly, playful and very unique. The size of as Siberian Husky is usually medium. also this dog is known for their friendliness. I hope you learned something about this very adorable dog breed, Siberian Husky.
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