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The Arrival

No description

lucy duncan

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of The Arrival

The Arrival
The old country
The journey to a new life
the day of departure
While Marcus (protagonist) is packing his bag his wife lily approaches him with a sad expression in her face, that she doesn't want him to go. Marcus knows too that she doesn't want him to go but yet he must be strong and continue down this path in order to make a new life in a new country with his wife and daughter.
Packing my bag
After Marcus has finished packing his bag he leaves the house with the company of Lily (wife) and Juliana (daughter). They must leave fast before the soul suckers (tentacles in the image) get them.
Leaving home
As Marcus boards the mighty Bessie (ship in the image) he has been awaited by a huge journey in front of him. While on the ship Marcus has a lot to think about as in, what type of job is he going to get or is his family going to be okay with him being gone for a long time. Marcus also has time to write in his journal he also writes letters to them when he misses them most.
the long haul
As we got off the boat i was welcomed by a strange man his name was dug. He gave me a tour of this paradise.
Coming of the steamboat
Packing my bag
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