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Bronte Creek Oil Spill

No description

devlin forsyth

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Bronte Creek Oil Spill

Bronte Creek Oil Spill On March,11, 2010 officials found a yellow
slick on the surface of the Bronte Creek in Oakville. They soon discovered a worn out leak pipeline full of fuel owned by the Trans- Northern Pipeline Company. -A poorly maintained or damaged
oil or natural gas pipeline spews its contents on to its surroundings. Effects:
-Loss in Fuel.
-Loss of aquatic life in river.
-Permanently contaminated water.
-Vegetation and animal loss around the area.
-Possibility of later occurring explosions from fuel. How do these spills occur?

-Old pipelines become weaker over time and eventually can burst if not replaced.
-If a pipeline is overused over a long period of time it will also become weaker and eventually break.
-Workers of the company (Trans-Northern Pipelines) may have not done their job correctly and have not taken proper care of the pipelines. Has this happened before in your community?

No oil spills have ever been known to be in the Bronte creek but many small and some large oil spills have happened around Oakville such as,
-Mississauga Train Derailment of 1979.
-In 1995 a truck full of fuel spilled on to the Q.E.W. Who should be responsible for this oil spill?

The company that owned this pipeline is called Trans-Northern Pipelines, so we feel that this spill was caused by a loose or weak pipeline. If Trans-Canada pipelines had of noticed this weak pipeline they could have prevented this whole spill from happening. So we feel that Trans-Northern pipelines should be held responsible for this spill. We also think that Trans-Northern Pipelines should be held responsible for the clean-up, or at least pay for the clean-up. What is the process for environmental cleanup?

The process of cleaning up Oil spills such as this one can take long and is very costly. Things used to clean up oil spills are booms, barriers, and skimmers. Each object is used differently to clean up. Process:
-Evaporation, Oxidation, Biodegration.
Quicker ways to clean up oil spills are pressure washing and raking bulldozing. What damage can not be repaired?

When an oil spill occurs some things can be cleaned up, but some leave permanent damage, such as, loss of animal life and vegetation, any other species (insects) living in or around the river. By: Jack Drysdale and
Devlin Forsyth Stakeholders,

-Home owners
-Cottage owners
-Rowers/paddle boarders Conclusion

In all we have came to the result of who should be responsible for costs and cleanup which is Trans-Northern Pipelines because they're the only company or organization that was at fault with the spill.
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