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My Bean Plant

No description

Richelle Marve

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of My Bean Plant

The Process First we let the bean soak in water. Then we took 5 paper towels and placed them on top of each other. Then we placed the bean on top of the paper towels and covered it with more paper towels. We placed the bean inside the paper towels inside a plastic bag with air in it and sealed the bag. Then we placed the plastic ziploc bag on top of the refrigerator. Then we waited to see the green sprouts come out of the bean. Then we put dirt into a blue plastic cup and dug a one-inch hole in the dirt to put the bean seed in. Then we covered the bean with dirt and placed it in direct sunlight. Observations The bean seed as it is planted. The first root pokes through the seed and points downward. The first leaves emerge from the cotyledons. The stem stands up straight and it sprouts leaves. Stages of growth 1. The bean took 2 days to sprout shoots in the ziploc bag.The two sides of the bean are called the cotyledons. 2. After we planted the bean we didn't see any progress for 3 days. 3. On the 3rd day we noticed the bean poking through the dirt. The root has developed and the cotyledons are going to separate and the stem will poke through. 5. On the 5th day we were able to measure the length of the stem. The measurement was 4.2 cm 6. On the 6th day we noticed small leaves growing from the cotyledons. The stem measured 6 cm. 7. On the 7th day the leaves were significantly larger than the day before. They were about 1 cm long. The stem was 6.5 cm the stem began branching from the base of the leaves. The germination process ended. The branching process has begun. 8. On the 8th day the stem stood up straighter than before and had branches growing a few more leaves. The stem grew to 8 cm. 10. On the 10th day the stem stood up completely straight and had flowering buds at the ends of the branches. The stem reached 11cm. The flowering process has begun. 9. On the 9th day the plant had developed more branches with leaves. The stem measured 9 cm. 4. On the 4th day the stem had grown more but we weren't able to get a good measurement of it. The germination process has begun.
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