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Social 20-1 End of Unit 3 Assign #2

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on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Social 20-1 End of Unit 3 Assign #2

To what extent should internationalism be pursued? Internationalism is the advocacy of cooperation and understanding between two nations. As a modern expression, internationalism is commonly viewed as appreciation for the many different cultures in the world, and as a desire for world peace. When i think of internationalism i think of the countries of the world cooperating to benefit mankind. Israel Launches Airstrike in Syria On Wednesday January 30, 2013 Israel warplanes struck a site near Damascus, Syria's capital. They were targeting what U.S officials said were "Air to ground missiles" supposedly heading for the Hezbollah. Syria says differently and claims that Israel targeted a military research facility, and they are now vowing retaliation, but Syria has not done anything as of yet. On Monday February 4th, 2013, in Damascus a top Iranian official said that Israel would regret its "latest aggression" on Syria, saying the entire Muslim world should be ready to defend the Syrian people. This news video about the Israeli warplanes bombing the Syrian Military Research Facility. LATEST NEWS: Syria: Israel Bombed Research Facility: Map shows where the bomb hits in Syria. What is Canada's role on this issue? Canadian government hasn't said anything about the bombing of the Syrian Military Research Facility and has given no position. Deadly Attack on U.S Embassy in Turkey At approximately 1:15 p.m, on February 1st, 2013 Ecevit Sanli, a man who is 40 years of age, stepped out of the entrance of the U.S Embassy in Ankara, and detonated a thirteen pound belt full of explosives, and a hand grenade. Which resulted in the killing of one Turkish security guard, the injuring of several others and resulted in blowing himself to pieces. The same day Canadian foreign minister John Baird said the following:
“Canada strongly condemns today’s deadly suicide bombing at the U.S. embassy in Ankara.

“On behalf of all Canadians, I offer our sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of the victims of this cowardly act of violence and wish a full recovery to the injured.

“Canada remains a committed partner in the global struggle against terrorism in all its forms.” All canadian embassy
personnel working in
Ankara are all safe and
accounted for. Pictures of the Attack in Turkey A security guard asks for help, minutes after the suicide bomber attacked at the U.S Embassy on February 1, 2013. Turkey Blast: Suicide Bomber Attacks U.S Embassy This video goes into detail
about the Suicide
Bombing attack in Turkey. Suicide Bomber Attacks Pakistani Mosque On February 1st, 2013 a suicide bomber attacked a Pakistani Mosque. Twenty-one people were killed and thirty-six were wounded. Shiite Muslims have been targeted more and more by the Sunnis, who consider them to be heretics. 2012 was the bloodiest year for the minority sect of Pakistan. On the same day John Baird offered his condolences to the victims' families:
“Canada condemns today’s deadly attack outside two mosques in Hangu, Pakistan, which killed at least 20 and wounded scores more.

“On behalf of all Canadians, I extend my deepest sympathies to the victims’ families and friends, and I wish a swift recovery to the injured.

“This violent extremism—targeting people in their places of worship—is despicable and is a stark reminder of the grave threat that terrorism poses to the people of Pakistan and the region. Arctic Council World Trade Organization Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch is an international non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on human rights. The Arctic Council is a high-level intergovernmental forum that addresses issues faced by the Arctic governments and indigenous peoples. This forum consists of eight members including
- Canada
- Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands
- Iceland
- Norway
- Russian Federation
- Sweden
- United States of America The Arctic Council is a Liberal Internationalist Organization. Current Global Issues In the next couple of slides you will see a variety of Current Global Issues or Current Events. Internationalist Organizations There are the three different kinds of Internationalist Organizations: 1) Liberal Internationalist Organization- an approach based on the belief that, through greater interaction and cooperation, nations and nation-states can achieve common goals, especially peace and prosperity. What is Internationalism? 2) Hegemonic Internationalist Organization- the theory that the world is being integrated based on unequal terms, with the dominance of one nation or nation-state over others. 3) Revolutionary Internationalist Organization- a belief that conflicts within societies and determined by international factors and alliances. World Trade Organization is a international body founded in 1995 to promote international trade and economic development by reducing tariffs and other restrictions. The World Trade Organization (WTO)
consists of 157 members. The WTO is an hegemonic internationalist organization. This organization adopted the method of "naming and shaming" abusive governments through the media coverage and direct exchanges with policy makers. This organization is
a Revolutionary internationalist organization. Economic
Internationalism The belief that international economic relations should and can be conducted cooperatively because the international economy is a non-zero-sum game in which prosperity is available to all. My Learning Experience
In Chapter 14 Section 1: In the next few slides you will see a summary of my learning experience in the first section of this chapter. Internationalism and the Creation of Global Issues Internationalist organizations are helpful but can sometimes cause global issues if the solution is shortsighted. An example of a global issue was when the United Nations backed up the United States' presence in Bikini Atoll after the second World War. The U.S had chosen Bikini as the test ground for the destructive weapons the U.S was currently developing. The military governor of the Marshall Islands asked the Bikinians, In February of 1946, if they would leave the island so the U.S could test the atomic bomb that would be "for the good of mankind" and "the end to all wars." The Bikinians moved from the island, but the atomic testing did not go as planned. The island, water and inhabitants ended up being contaminated. In return for the full use of Bikini the islanders received cash, an annual fund that added up to $5. Bikinians had a hard time adjusting to the new island that was unfit to suit their needs, so they began to rely on food rations provided by the U.S.
To determine if Bikini was safe after the testing, the U.S began tests and discovered that the island was much more radioactive than originally thought. The islanders could not safely return. In the 1980s, the Bikinians filed many lawsuits for over $500 million in compensation. So in this case what began as "ending to all wars" ended up as a huge global issue. Internationalism and the Legacy of Colonialism: Effects of Colonialism Positive Negative Both -The G8 was created and helped eliminate $40 billion of the debt of the worlds Highly Indebted Poor Countries -European agreements carved up Africa into states and paid little attention to cultural and ethnic boundaries -Ethnic groups had little opportunity or need to form political alliances or accommodations under repressive colonial rule. -colonial administrators favored one ethnic group over the other, allowing members of that group to receive important positions at the cost of the other groups memebers. -less debt -better education and
political system, better jobs -improving health care,
and poverty reduction -African
were over-
could be
positive or
negative, they could've been really good or really oppressive leaders. Pictures of my Learning Experience Chapter Issue:
To What Extent should Nationalism be sacrificed in the Interest of Internationalism? Chapter 15 ? Why is Nationalism sometimes sacrificed in the interest of internationalism? Nationalism is sometimes sacrificed in the interest of internationalism
because if you are a small country, have a past with frequent wars
and are vulnerable to other nations, would you want to be isolated
and pick on? If that was me i would probably want to join an
international group where i could be surrounded by others who would
have my back, so to speak. The benefits of joining a international group such as the European Union would be: -More of a chance to have economic prosperity
-Having a strong relationship with other nations to help you get out of disagreements and scrapes
-International security How is Nationalism Sometimes Sacrificed in Favor of Internationalism? In the previous slide i talked about how nationalism has been sacrificed in favor of internationalism. I explained that it was because together many countries that have joined international groups such as the European Union have a bigger impact on the world, as opposed to one nation standing alone. But the question is how is nationalism sacrificed in favor of internationalism? Nationalism can be sacrificed by your nation being somewhat assimilated into other nations. Ways to agree on solutions for issues would be very challenging if you were apart of a international group; because if came to making a decision, you would want this, another nation would prefer this and it would cause disagreement. So the logical thing would be to vote, or come to a consensus, meaning that if you said no and the other nations said yes, they would choose the decision that the majority agreed on, so in that way your opinion might be overlooked and discarded. That is one example of how nationalism could be sacrificed in favor of internationalism. Some impacts of sacrificing nationalism in the interest of internationalism are
-the loss of "People Power." Meaning that when a nation joins a group like the EU, the people in that nation aren't the main focus anymore. There are more nations with more people with more opinions and influence. Responding to the Chapter Issue: To what extent should nationalism be sacrificed in the interest of internationalism? Even though Canada plays a very small
role in this issue, it has been a definite supporter and defendant of Israel. -Perspective can determine if a situation is positive or negative, it depends on what way you look at it.
Take Slovenia for instance, Slovenia decided to join the EU, it has a past of frequent wars and ethnic competitiveness; It was also vulnerable to aggressive nations. The positive effects were that it was part of a bigger group of nations and if a nation declared war on Slovenia, nations from the EU would step in and help defend it. The negative effect to this situation was that it would eventually adopt the EU's ways and the uniqueness of the culture and the nation itself would be close to extinct. What are some of the impacts of sacrificing
nationalism in the interest of internationalism? Nationalism should be sacrificed to the point where you join an international group, and where they help your nation become a better place. Just don't sacrifice your nationalism to the point where you don't know what background you came from or forget the culture you were raised in. Do not be assimilated. Sacrificing Nationalism for Internationalism:
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