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Introverted World Rulers

Do you have an "I" in your MBTI? See how you pan out in the game among introverts to rule the world.

it's annie

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Introverted World Rulers

INFP ISTJ, ISTP, INFJ, INFP, INTJ, INTP, ISFJ, ISFP Introverts Ruling the World Ruling the world? Oh yeah, I guess that could be fun...but who wants to do that? I just want to be happy with my friends and have fun. And eat good food. And travel the world. The world is full of so many good things. I don't think just one person should tell other people what to do... You know what I mean? INFJ Yesssss. Ruling the world would be amazing. I like to think that I'm already on my way to doing it. I admire the "T" thinking types that can actually do it though. I'm too emotional to do it efficiently. Oh god...I'm just not good enough, aren't I? I'm just not...good enough... not...good...enough... Of course I could rule the world if I wanted to. But I'd rather tell other people how to do it and get them to do the actual work. I'm content just theorizing and thinking of possibilities and systems to enact - and of course, being right about all of them. And yeah, it could be fun. But there are too many little, fine things in life to enjoy to focus on controlling them. INTJ INTP I can rule the world any time I want. I'm definitely clever and smart enough to. I just don't care about doing it. What's the point? I'm already better than every idiot around me. The apocalypse is already happening. This world is too boring to rule. Give me a task, and I'll ask you to give me motivation. ISTJ Ruling the world? I'm in. Maybe I won't be the best at it, but give me a job to do, and I will fulfill it to my greatest potential and ability. Practically speaking though, this whole ordeal might prove to be a difficult task. We could start by eliminating a continent. ISTP Of course. Already on it. You know, the fact that you're asking me this is sign that you want to join my effort. Well, what are you good at? No. I'm the one asking you questions here. Stop trying to get into my impenetrable emotions. ISFJ Is this the right thing to do though? I have a lot of opinions about this. I would like to discuss them logically and kindly with you. Plus, do we know how others would feel about this? I don't know if I'm the right person for this job. ISFP You're making me feel uncomfortable. This isn't likely to happen anyway. Plus, the world is beautiful as it is, albeit its tragedy. Why don't you just try and explore it instead of ruling it? I don't really have a desire to control it... Just let it be, observe, and maybe we can record it and leave something behind after we die. In a world where introverts are given the chance to rule...
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