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New York Rangers

No description

Sam Gatti

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of New York Rangers

NEW YORK RANGERS! Rangers updates from the earliest Ranger Days to 2011! First off...... A little bit of history. The players where a greater success than everyone though they'd be. Madison Square Garden's presidant Tex Rickard was searching for other hockey teams even though he promised this New York team they would be the only ones to play there. Rickard's origianlly planed to name this hockey team the New York Giants. Before he could make that official the press gave the nickname "Tex's Rangers"and the name stuck like glue. That year, 1925-1926 the Rangers Won the American Division title. Sadly they got the boot out of the playoffs when they lost to the Boston Bruins. The new team turned out to be a great hit! Also it was not a bad team at all. The team's early success lead to the players to become minor celebrities. They also came a part of New York City's busy 20's nightlife. This was the time that the Rangers played on 48th Street, which was only blocks away from the roaring Times Square. The New York Rangers now grasped another nickname and that was "The Broadway Blueshirts". Due to all the fame and also because they put on quite a show at the Garden. 1927-1928
Stanley Cup! Only in their second season of existing the Blueshirts snag a giant cup that symbolized a great team.Yes, they won the Stanley Cup. This outstanding team had denied the Montreal Maroons(known today as the Montreal Canadieans). With a close game 3-2 it still counts as a victory. That was the Rangers very first Stanley Cup win. This would probably be the most memerable Stanley Cup story. Back then, the NHL didn't require backup goalies to be dressed and ready to go. New York's goalie Lorne Chabot had to leave the game due to an eye injury. The Rangers with out a goalie, didn't know what they could do. Maroon's head coach Eddie Gerard gave and origanal choice for replacement.The goalie was the Ottawa Senator's goalie Alex Connell. Ottawa was attending the game. With an unhappy goalie on the opposing team for two periods, one goal was allowed past Connell by Maroons center forward Nels Stewart. The Rangers faught back and the winning goal was approched by Frank Boucher in overtime. No other "expansion team" would ever had gotten this far, this is in North American Sports. This all ended for the Rangers and being new comers because the Philadelphia Atoms(a North American Soccer team) took a giant victory in the frist year of exsistance. 1932-1933
Stanley Cup! Not to long after the Rangers won the Stanley Cup again. After losing in the finals to the Boston Bruins in the early 1930's, the Rangers had a quick reaction and came back strongly in 1932-1933. The Rangers at the time where led by well known brothers, Bill and Bun Cook. They played left and right wing and let Frank Boucher take center. That line had defeated the Toranto Maple leafs in the five-on-five finals. The score was 3-1 and the Rangers got revenge to the "kid line" of the Leafs. The kid line was Busher Jackson,Joe Primeau, and Charlie Conacher. This was the year after they won that Frank Boucher took head coach of this New York team and Lester Patrick stepped down to assistant coach. 1939-1940
Stanley Cup! At the end of the Rangers season yet again they were trailing in second place behind those Boston Bruins. These two teams had to meet for the first round of playoffs. The Bruins had snapped before the Rangers but they clicked right when they needed it to. They won three straight games in a row and it really helped them. The Rangers had a long history with Boston and beat them only two out of four games. Luckily they took a well needed victory and where safe until round 2 of the playoffs. The Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs where playing for a spot to verse the Rangers to see who would win the cup. The Maple Leafs took the victory and ran to go up agenst the Rangers. The Rangers won in an over time and the score was 1-0 and it was the third cup for this team. Unforinatly the hit from New York hit rock bottom, with a record as bad as 15 losses and 0 wins! That wasn't the brightest time for them. New York only had one goal tender at the time with an average of 6.20 which was not good AT ALL. They would not grab a playoff spot for a whopping five seasons, untill they got lucky and made it in the playoffs in 1948. They sadly lost in the first round and didn't get another spot in there until 1949. Then in the 1950's finals they were forced to play all their games on the road! They had there "home" games up in Toronto while a circus was in town durring the final season, looking like fools to preoccupie people for a few hours. That season they wound up losing to the Detroit Red Wings in the seventh round, despite the loss they had a stellar first game agenst the Canadieans being the underdogs at teh current time in the 1950's. At the time the Red Wings owner James E. Norris became the largest stockholder for Madison Square Garden. Now back into 2011!! Lets take a look at the coaches! We got our head coach John Tortorella! He won the Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay Lightning. This is john when he is in full action! Now their is the assistant Coach Mike Sullivan! He is a really tough coach. You know how every team has a goal song? Well here is th New York Ranger's Goal song! Pretty cool huh? Now how about some of the most known Ranger players and the Roster of 2010-2011? Sounds good to me! John Davidson
He was one of the most solid goaltenders.
Now in the booth with Sam Rosen.
222 games with the New York Rangers. John Vanbiesbrouck
A very talented goalie before Richter and Lunqvist.
449 games with the Rangers.
His nickname was "Beezer" becuse his full name was a mouthfull to pernounce. The last picture of Tortorella was just supposed to be a little humerous. Another "Best Ranger of all time" would be... You probably know this guy. Wayne Gretzky
He only played a few seasons for the Rangers.but he left a big imprint behind him
He was just behind 57 goals durring the three seasons with New York. David Kerr
Finished his season with 40 shutouts in 5th place in the goalie rankings.
Played 342 games with the Rangers. Mike Gartner
332 game with New York
He made 173 goals in his career. Brian Leetch
Mark Messier
Jaromir Jager
Mike Richter and
Adam Graves where the most memerable Ranger of all times. Brian Leetch
Mark Messier
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