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The 4 Gifts of the Nile River

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Joe Knipp

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The 4 Gifts of the Nile River

The 4 Gifts of the Nile River
By: Joe Knipp
Water is the first out of the four gifts of the Nile River. It was used for drinking, irrigation, and trade. Irrigation is bringing water from one area to another.
Rich Black Soil
The second gift of the Nile River is rich black soil that is left over from the seasonal flooding. Farmers depended on the seasonal flooding of the Nile and the soil to fuel their crops so much that a festival is held every year.
There are many animals that live by or in the Nile River. Some of these animals were fish, game, and fowl. Ancient Egyptians killed these animals for food.
The last gift of the Nile River is papyrus. Ancient Egyptians used papyrus to make paper, sandals, and baskets.
The four gifts of the Nile River were very important in Ancient Egyptian civilization. They allowed Egypt to build empires and conquer. Egyptian civilization would not be the same if it weren't for the four gifts of the Nile.
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