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Greek Project [Oedipus Cycle]

4th period Boegman greeks

Iam Batmanhello!

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Greek Project [Oedipus Cycle]

EX: Oedipus
He is overwhelmed with so much emotion he blinds himself.
Releases his remorse
Faces his consequences: way to cleanse from grief/failures
hello my name is inigo montoya you killed my father prepare to DIE

in relation to the Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles

A Trip to Greece
Greek Tragedy Content: The Basics
serious, magnitude, evoke pity and fear
The hero/heroine is noble and superior to us
The change in fortune (to misfortune!)
It allows us to purge our emotions cartharsis

by the Greek Geeks of E1A
Today, we'll be taking a plane and flying far, far away from E1A. Buckle up for the ride (If you fail to do so, the flight attendants will be after you!) and turn your brains on!

We're going to Greece, baby!
tour guide Megan
tour guide Yoon
tour guide Claudia
tour guide Kevin
tour guide Lynnea
Greek Tragedy: The Origin
Theatre: began at festivals for the gods (Dionysus)
Late March/Early April
Athens: main center
Essential part of Greek identity


Three main attractions in our tour today:
The Goddess Athena
Laws of Gods VS. Laws of Man

A background of Greek tragedy!
Some fun Greek mythology!
An overview of Greek Theatre and Law!
the patron of the arts
Hello E1A scholars! I am Dionysus!
I am the Greek god of wine and fertility.
Some History...
Thespis: first greek actor and originator of tragedy

Tragedy: means goat song

Tragedy evolved from praise songs called dithyrambs to the god Dionysus.
This is an example of the Dravidian Dithyramb, which, as you can see, is still performed in Modern day!
Who Is Prometheus?
Moving on to our next stop:
"Tragedy" in Modern Times
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Part One
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Part Two
Stealer of Fire
Creator of Man
Laws of Gods
Themis, God of Justice, Order, and Law
Mother of Prometheus
Daughter of Gaia (aunt of Zeus)
Called for assembly of the gods
Maintained order
Zeus, Ruler of the Olympians
son of Cronus
uses force against those who displease him
Laws of Man
Before Written Law
1200-900BC - no official laws
Most of the "laws" were about trade and commerce
Called "Oral law" (endless blood feuds!)
800BC - Rich land owners governed the lands
aristocrats - "aristoi", meaning "best people"
Not as many blood feuds
Written Law
620BC - Draco wrote the first set of established laws in Ancient Greece
First Legislator of Greece
Areopagus - council of members that functioned as the main governing group (500BC)
Plato - The Republic
Aristotle - Politics
Antigone: Law of God or Man?
Law of man: Creon's decree for Antigone's execution
Sophocles criticizes man's ability to rule
Moral destruction

Greek Theater

self centered, scheming, and jealous
Uses love to advance goals
sends her son Eros (Cupid) to make people fall in love.
Aphrodite--Goddess of Love
raditional mythology--The Golden Fleece--King Colchis, Jason, and Medea
Greek Literature-- Hippolytos by Euripides--First Prize at City Dionysia festival
orchestra: circular dance/song performance area
theatron: audience..MARBLE SEATS!
actual stage and entrances
Athena and Antigone
used masks
wore goat skins
Dionysus was a god that had two sides to his personality; on one hand, he longed to bring joy and happiness. On the other hand, he had a crazy temper.
His two prominent character traits were reflected in his most famed creation: wine.
Emotions Expressed in Theater
Eros (Cupid)
Pity, fear
Cartharsis: purging of emotions, healing process
Dionysus' origins are rather interesting. Like many other gods, Dionysus was born of Zeus' infidelity. Zeus came to the mortal Semele as a presence while she was sleeping, and their late-night adventures soon conceived a child who would soon become Dionysus.
Dionysus in a Nutshell
orchestra- singing/ dancing
theatron - viewing space for audience
skene- "tent"
parados- entry/exit ways
All was fine and dandy until Hera, Zeus' wife caught wind of what was going on. She then tricked Semele to ask Zeus to show his true form to her.
And because mortals typically burst into flames when they see gods...
Up next is a picture of Zeus and Semele
both were women who had the boldness to speak their thoughts
Athena was respected for her thoughts and actions
Antigone was called for execution by her uncle
is warned
As you may have inferred from the last picture, semele was fried like bacon in a sizzling frying pan. However, Zeus was able to rescue the fetus of Dionysus! Zeus then saved the boy by stitching Dionysus into his thigh until it was his time to be born.

Reasons for downfall:
will of the gods
In-Depth with Dionysus
Continuation of Dionysus' Story
Eventually, the famously vengeful Hera decided that killing Semele wasn't enough for her--she later arranged for the Titans to take Dionysus out of the picture as well.
However, death was not the end for our dear friend Dionysus! Rhea raised him from the dead, and he proceeded to retrieve his mother from Hades.
Mother and son were happily reunited!
In modern times, Dionysus now holds both positive and negative connotations.
After all, he is the god of wine and fertility! However, Dionysus was a highly celebrated god back in the day of Sophocles. He was associated with ideas like "going beyond what was previously possible" or "greater than death".
What we can infer from this story:
family values were very important to the ancient Greeks; love was considered stronger than death
The Greek gods and goddesses had personalities and preferences. The laws of the gods were not necessarily what were considered correct to the people.
Worshiping Dionysus
the birth of Tragedy
This is a picture of City Dionysia, which was a festival that was supposedly a yearly event dedicated to worship Dionysus.
This nice-looking man wants to know what REALLY went down during those festivals...
Because Dionysus was raised by Satyrs, or "goat-men", the worshipers at the annual festival would dress up like Satyrs as well.
Here are some modern satyr costumes.
And because Dionysus is the god of wine, there was excessive drinking going on during the festival.
This would result in wild singing and dancing to honor Dionysus.
are you sure it wasn't just a large party?
This was where tragedy was born. It was sixth century BCE, and it started with three playwrights having their plays performed in a large tragic face-off. Every contestant submitted three tragedies and one comedy (and the comedy needed to feature satyrs).
Athena's origins are extremely unique as well. It is seldom that anyone lacks a mother; even more so when they are born through their fathers' skull.
Athena is the virgin goddess of wisdom, so she was extremely respected in ancient Greek society.
this was the Parthenon, one of Athena's temples
Old temple of Athena
Temple of Athena Nike
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