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How Astronauts do Daily Chores on the I.S.S.

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on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How Astronauts do Daily Chores on the I.S.S.

Hey guys, it's Arianna, Danyal, Esmahan, Raman and Samarah. Today we'll be talking about how Astronauts do their daily chores in space!
Taking out the trash
When astronauts take out the trash, they use a special bag and put all the trash in it. They wrap the knot super tight, and then they send them on to cargo ships, which pick the trash up, and burn it to use it as fuel.
Washing the clothes
Well, you can't "wash" the clothes in space, it would take up too much water. So when the clothing is piling up, the people on Earth send a shuttle which is programmed to go to the ISS with some new clothing, the astronauts put the other clothes into the ship, and the ship goes back to Earth with the dirty clothes.
The crew on the ISS have to spend part of their day cleaning the vehicle. If something spills, they have to get a rag and clean it up. If it's water, they get the rag to soak it up, and clip it to a wall so they let it evaporate, so the water isn't lost. they have different tissues and napkins to clean, such as baby wipes, and russian rags. The crew would use the baby wipes for sticky substances.
~How to do Daily Chores on the ISS~
Hazardous Substances
If there was a hazardous substance in the air, The crew would need to get a contaminated clean-up kit. First they protect their eyes, mouth, nose, and hands with goggles, a mask, and silver sheild gloves. Then, they would use various absorbing tissues, wipes and rags to get rid of the spill. once its done, they would put it in a few layers until they are sure it won't leak.
Chris Hadfield cleans up a mess in space
To repair something in space, you need special tools, a plan and the parts. This is a challenge, since there's no gravity in space. When you repair, you cannot leave a trace behind, not even a screw because that could be dangerous and deadly. This is called space debris. This could cause major damage to the space craft. The debris orbits the Earth with such quickness that any impact can be deadly.
Hope you enjoyed our presentation!
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