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video games can be benefitial

No description

andy kim

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of video games can be benefitial


Video games can increase eyesight
If you’re looking for an excuse to spend even more time in front of the TV screen playing first-person shooters, you’re in luck. According to new research, playing games such as Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor and Call of Duty can actually help to improve your eyesight.
video games can be a pain reliever
video games can
be a pain reliver
playing games can take patients' minds off what hurts them.best ways to help pain is through distraction, and so when your mind is somewhere else, it can be very useful to you
studies have shown that playing video games can relieve anxiety and stress. Playing immersive games
video games can be beneficial
Researchers prove to show that playing video games with your family can improve your relationship with them. Researchers studied that kids who played with their family were more connected to their families and had better mental health than those who played on their own or with friends.
Relax and Relieve Anxiety and Stress
call of duty can improve your eyesight
video games may slow the aging process
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