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The Boston Tea Party

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sasha chervinskis

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party
by: Maura Montoya

Who was Samuel Adams and what did he have to do with the Boston Tea Party?
Samuel Adams was born in Boston in 1722. He graduated from Harvard University and entered business. He failed as a beer maker, news paper publisher, merchant, and a tax collector. He often arrived late for meetings and had no head for figures. Although a poor business man, Adams was an affective patriot. Adams enjoyed making trouble for the British and it's government. He gave speeches on liberty and that their should not be taxation without representation. He did not believe that British parliament should be able to tax them and that only their own elected officials had the right to tax them. He wrote articles and pamphlets warning that the presence of British solders posed danger. Adams lead the Boston Tea Party on December 16,1773.
What is the Boston Tea Party?
The Boston Tea Party was a protest by the American colonists against the British Parliament. They staged the protest by boarding three trade ships and throwing the tea overboard into the ocean. They threw 342 chests of tea into the water. Some colonists were dressed as Mohawk indians but the costumes didn't fool anyone. The British had known who had destroyed the tea.
Colonists are dressed as Mohawks throwing tea into the water.
It started because the British Parliament was taxing the colonists on things they used but they didn't tax the British citizens the same way because the colonists weren't British anymore. The colonists didn't think it was fair so the Sons of Liberty and some other colonists boarded the three ships and dumped the tea in the water.
How had the the Boston tea party change history?
The Boston Tea Party played a key role in leading to American Independence. Every right and privilege we have is a result of the bravery and determination of the early colonists. If the colonists hadn't done the things that lead to the Revolutionary War we wouldn't have American Independence. The Boston Tea Party also lead us to the making the Declaration of Independence. The Boston Tea Party cut down tax on the tea. It also changed history because then we would still be in the colonies and our society would not be the way it is now and that would mean there would still be slavery.
Thank you for seeing this Prezi.

I hope you learned about the Boston
Tea Party, Samuel Adams, and how this event changed our country.

Why did the Boston Tea Party happen?
Picture of Samuel Adams
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