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Marketing Mix - The 4 P's - Coca-cola

Marketing Mix - The 4 P'sUsing

Wu Ketao

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Mix - The 4 P's - Coca-cola

Brief History
The 4 P's of Marketing

Asa Griggs Candler (December 30, 1851 – March 12, 1929) was an American business tycoon who made his fortune selling Coca-Cola. He also served as the 44th Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia from 1916 to 1919. Candler Field, the site of the present-day Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, was named after him, as is Candler Park in Atlanta.
Anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need.
Ex: design
products should meet expectations
creates sales revenue
Important to research consumers' opinions
what they value
what they want to pay
Various methods - transporting, storing, delivering
Distribution system
method differentiates
business of communicating with customers
provides information for the decision making process
Personal Selling, Advertising, Interactive, Direct, Public Relation, Sales Promotion
Using Coca-Cola as an example
Referred to as the marketing mix
Product—features, designs, brands, packaging, etc.
Price—list price (including discounts, allowances, and payment methods)
Place—distribution of the product or service
Promotion—advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and sales efforts designed to build awareness of and demand for the product or service
American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer
Total asset 90.005 billion, 130,600 employees ,net income 8.584 billion (2013)
Market share of coca-cola company is 25.9% in worldwide soft drinks industry (2011)
1886 - John Stith Pemberton
invented coca wine called Pemberton's Frech Wine Coca
Coca-Cola Company focuses on Features(various flavours, culture diversification), Brands (27 brands in US and much more in other countries), Packaging (recyclable plantbottle, sustainable packaging), etc.
The new design of the bottle cap
Sustainable Packaging
make good use of waste material
Connect the relationship between people
Organic products
Market Penetration
Establish reputation by producing health drinks
Coca-cola Example
Coca-Cola Example
Coca-coal has strategically located in everywhere (place)
Convenience store
Vending machine
Coca-cola Example
Coca-cola has achieved the lowest price point for beverage in the industry
Threat of competitors
Using discont strategies to attract customers
Coca-Cola Example
Coca-Cola is an overall success story when it comes to promoting their products and services
inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun
Most-Recognized Brand of FIFA World Cup
Cooperating with other sports event such as Olympic Games
Celebrity endorsement, indirect reference group to influence consumer buying action.
Social Media Marketing
FaceBook - new event
Diversity products
2011 Worldwide Unit Case Valume Geographic Mix
Providing High Quantity with Low price
http://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=D9zy9WMscPY
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUzPwIP9Bq E&index=1&list=PLCIVZWq1FAwde4P4vgoPZfC3V1wn7vwMr
Advertising Campaign
-Passing on the idea of sharing
-Teenagers act the leading roles in the chanpain to reflect the enterprise spirit.
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