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Women In the the MIlitary

No description

Kassandra Chin

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Women In the the MIlitary

BY Kassandra chin Women in the Military Deborah Sampson How Women Helped in the Early Days In the early days women were nurses during the war. Clara Barton Clara Barton was a nurse during the Civil War. She was known as “The Angel of the Battlefield” She also started The Red Cross in 1881 and it is still around today. Women and World War II When men were sent to go fight in the war, women had an important job to do which was to build equipment for the Army. Women also had to take over in factories. Margaret Phelan Taylor Women joined the military to show that they can do the same things as men; women were strong and helpful in many ways when they joined the service. Deborah was the first woman to fight during the Revolutionary War. She had to pretend that she was a man so that she would be allowed to fight. Her job was to spy on the British. In World War II, Margaret was one of the first women to be a pilot. She was a member of Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) Katherine A. Towle From 1943-1947 Katherine was one of the first woman officers. She was a director of United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve. She was one of six women to receive a direct commission to the USMCWR From the Revolutionary War through World War II women were brave and strong as they served. Work Cited Clara Barton World War II Women in the Military Today Female Soldiers Sue Military for Right to Combat. Digital image.
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