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Full Reported Speech

No description

Jonathan Montes

on 22 July 2017

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Transcript of Full Reported Speech

Reported Speech
We use reported speech when we want
to report what people said but without using the speaker's exact words
It is when we drop a tense back to the past when you transfer direct speech to reported speech. We also drop back important words.
Reporting verbs
Most of the time '
' or '
When reporting a fact (something that is constant), a routine or something at the moment we hear it then we use Present simple:

Direct speech:
"I like ice-cream"
Reported speech
: She
that she likes ice-cream

Remember to use Present simple when:
We report immediately what we hear.
We report a fact or a routine.
Reported Speech
DS: “It's 11:15am and I need to cook!.”

RS: (backshift) He said that he needed to cook 2
hours ago but now it is 3:15pm

RS: (no backshift) He says that it is 11:15am and he
needs to cook.

Reporting verbs
Say and Tell... to inform. Ask... for questions
Asked, requested, petitioned...
Suggested, speculated, assumed,
proposed, recommended, postulated...
Argued, claimed, refuted, rejected...
Reporting what someone else said
Alice : " I
chess every Tuesday"
Carl : " I
a new car "
RS: "She said that she
chess every Tuesday"
RS: "He said that he
had bought
a new car"
1- "We like your attitude this year" My teachers told me
2- "The weather will be better next year" The weatherman explained
3- " We are going to go to the disco with our friends" The girls suggested
4- " Dad can't take me to school " Alexia told Martin
5- " We were at London a few week ago" The Brooks said
They told me that they liked my attitude that year
The weatherman explained that the weather would be better the following year
The girls suggested that they were going to go to the disco with their friends
Alexia told Martin her dad couldn't take her to school
The brooks said they had been at London a few weeks before
1- Lisa: "Do you live with your parents?"
2- Claire: " Did you go to the concert?"
3- Max: " Can you drive? I feel sick"
4- They: "What are you going to do?
5- Alex: "Won't you phone me?"
Lisa asked me If/whether I lived with my parents
Claire asked me If/whether I had gone to the concert
Max asked me If/whether I could drive because she felt sick
They asked me what I was going to do
Alex asked me whether/if I would call him
Erick dates Alex and Mary
at the same time!!
Mark told me that Erick dated
Alex and Mary at the same time!
Can you believe that!!
Hey dude!! Jamie told me that Erick
had dated Alex and Mary at the same
time!! What a smart kid!!!
Hey!! do you know if Erick dated
Alex and Mary at the same time?
Alex is my friend, I would like to
let her know if this is true!
I'm not really sure! but
I will try to let you know at
soon as possible! I will ask
Riiiing!! - Hello Andrea?
This is Important Peter asked me
if Erick had dated your sister and
Mary at the same time!
I heard that Erick is dating My sister and Mary at the same time! Will you ask some of your friends?, she is going to be
really sad if all this is true.
Andrea asked me if I would ask you this,
so Here it goes, Someone told her that
Erick had dated Alex and Mary , your chick,
at the same time!
But that's impossible dude! she would never lie to me!
Relax! I will go and ask Erick,
He will tell me the truth
ahm, I'm pretty sure this is not true but, Tom told me that Andrea told him, that Jessica told her that you had dated her sister and my girl, both at the same time ... I'm just asking ....
I'm really upset at you Mark! I told you that as a secret! And you couldn't shut your mouth and ran and told everyone in the apartment building! I'm really mad at you now! ... I'm going to tell everyone that time you dated that old woman back in Germany! Would you like that?
Other tenses
Present Continuous
Past continuous
He said that his mom
was cleaning
his room
Pete : " My mom is cleaning my room!"
Zack : " Alice was washing her car yesterday"
He said that Alice
Had been washing
her car the previous day
Perfect tense
Alexia: "Louis has worked all week!"
She said that Louis
Had worked
all week
We use the infinitive:
Mom: "I want you to clean your room"
My mother
told me

to clean
my room
Rick: "Tell Kio he is fired!
The boss
to tell you that
are fired
1. "Lisa is reading a book in front of the fire tonight" Ian to Peter
2. "I'm going to go visit Claire tomorrow" Alex to Me
3. "Did you finish your project yesterday? " Mary to Anne
4. " Where did you go last night? " Anne to Martin
5. " Do your homework right now! " Zack's Mom
Ian said that Lisa was reading a book in front of the fire that night "we spoke"
Alex told me that he was going to visit Claire the next day "we spoke"
Mary asked Anne if she had finished her project the day before "we spoke"
Anne asked Martin where he had gone the night before "we spoke"
Zack's mom told him to do his homework right at that moment "we spoke"
Practice makes perfect!!!


Reporting what someone else said
Alice says that she practices chess every Tuesday.
The moment continued so we use Simple past
Reporting what someone else said
" I practice chess every Tuesday"
To better understand this effect just add this phrase at the end of the reported vocabulary: "We spoke"
is ideal to experience this reported speech changes. So, let's take a look...
Remember: From a question we reported it as an affirmative sentence :)
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