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An Ancient Gesture Poetry Analysis

By: Savannah, Dan, Maggie, and Frank

Savannah Doyle

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of An Ancient Gesture Poetry Analysis

By Savannah Doyle, Dan Casey, Magdeline Gniadecki, and Frank Aguirre An Ancient Gesture We think that the title of the story is about an old gesture that brings about sadness or grief. About the Author Born: February 22, 1892, Rockland

Died: October 19, 1950, Austerlitz

Education: Vassar College

Awards: Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Frost Medal

Some Books And Poems: In other words... She cries into her apron, an old gesture a friend used to do.
She is reminded of the hardships her lonely friend faced.
She thinks of how long this gesture has been used.
And is reminded of someone she loves, and misses. Understanding the speaker Structure There are 2 stanzas, comparing different thoughts. In the first stanza the narrator is thinking about her lost friend Penelope and her husband, and that she needs to relax. In the second stanza the narrator reminds herself of an ancient gesture. The speaker appears to be a woman who is feeling grief for a lost friend or relative named Penelope, and a lost husband. The speaker also seems to be feeling tired, and that she just needs to relax and not be so hard on herself. The mood of the poem is: Sensitive, affectionate, sympathetic, and alone

Repetition: I thought, as i wiped my eyes on the corner of my apron

Narrative: tells of Penelope and the speakers husband

Diction: Weaving, undoing, gesture, antique, authentic, ancient

Symbolism: The apron resembles an ancient gesture

Imagery: You can see that narrator wiping her eyes on her apron, and crying. The Author acts in a timely fashion in her grief for Penelope. Theme of An Ancient Gesture The theme of this poem is remembrance. Certain gestures can remind you of someone, and your grief for them, but you have to let go, move on.
The message of the poem is that you can't let grief hold you back, you can move on without forgetting someone. Poetic Devices
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