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3dQLD industry government Strategy March 2014

ABSTRACT This presentation supports a joint industry-government strategy for the progression of the 3dQLD initiative. The strategy document can be downloaded from the website www.3dqld.org

Lee Hellen

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of 3dQLD industry government Strategy March 2014

Progression of the 3dQLD initiative
Strategy for achieving the 3dQLD vision
The need to access timely and accurate spatial data, above and below ground is critical to the productivity of business.
The need for Change (Why?)
The 3dQLD vision aims to make Queensland one of the easiest places in the world to invest in construction, tourism, mining and agriculture because of the quality of information that is readily available to decision makers, providing them with confidence and certainty about opportunities and investments.
The 3dQld Vision
3dQLD Industry/Government strategy
Benefits to the Queensland economy
Meeting with Minister Cripps Sept 2013
Industry workshop at DNRM David Platt, Dec 2013
Development of Industry govt strategy paper March 2014
Follow up with workshop participants
implementation strategy April 2014
Announcement by Minister to State Parliament May 2014

The growth of online imagery and maps means businesses can overlay a variety of information on a digital map or aerial photograph and manipulate those images electronically in a range of innovative and sophisticated ways.
In a modern economy, certainty about location and confidence that the information is telling the full story, underpins the productivity of businesses and government and enables the markets to be more effective in managing risk.

• Enhance the existing surveying standards of practice to ensure that all new tenure surveys are aligned to the national datum to maximise the 'value add' of digital 3D cadastral survey data.

• Develop incentives for industry to invest in activities that will accelerate the rectification of cadastral parcel plan alignment with a national datum and the realisation of 3dQLD.

• Facilitate and promote the digital collection and lodgement of authoritative cadastral and mining survey data.

• Continue to build the coverage of CORS infrastructure over regional areas of the state through enhancing an already demonstrated cooperation between government and private industry.

Strategy for achieving the 3dQLD vision cont..

• Industry and government to co-design and implement an enhanced framework for the collection, correction, maintenance and publication of the cadastre
– the 3dQLD road map –
that will begin to deliver efficiencies in a 3-5 year period. The plan shall incorporate 3D cadastre and resource tenements covering issues such as incentives, legislative support, systems development, research and pilot projects.

Image Courtesy of Liz Dann :-)
3dQLD - A conduit to a future of relevance!
Where we are today!
Where we will possibly be tomorrow !
Visit the website :
www 3dQLD.org
To view the latest strategy, documents and news

March 2014
Watch this space !
In essence its about migrating 150 years of successful surveying and land administration practice into the 21st Century for an
'immense ongoing public value'
Next important step for 3dQLD
Whats happening in this space Nationally (ICSM)
recognition of a need expedite change

ICSM consultation draft 'Cadastre 2034' soon to be released (April 2014)

New Zealand (LINZ) released 'Cadastre 2034' (Feb 2014)
3dQLD Action matrix
Workshop proposed April 2014
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