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Romeo And Juliet Twitter Project

Not taken to seriously

Destroyed 3D

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Romeo And Juliet Twitter Project

BenvoliRavioli Benvolio Romeo
Juliet (Twitter Project) Act I My cousin @Mclovin needs to get over the one he "loves" -_- @BenvoliRavioli Benvolio Breaking into my family's enemy's party :D @ ________________________ ________________________ @BenvoliRavioli Benvolio I have no idea where romeo went tonight @McLovin Romeo @McLovin Romeo ______________________________ @McLovin Romeo @Check_Yes Juliet @Check_Yes Juliet @Check_Yes Juliet _________________________ _________________________ ______________________________ Romeo Juliet Benvolio My family is having a party :) all are invited except thee Montagues In all hopes with my sneaking into the Capulet party i will see the girl I love Getting ready for my partaaay :D I found a love to have but it is crazy forbidden the party was wonderful and i have a new love in my heart Reflection:
If Romeo and Juliet had a social site like
Twitter the story would have been very different.
Most things would not happen like messages not getting to romeo or things being kept secret because i am sure Romeo & Juliet would have been followed by their parents and every other person involved. About to drive over to the Capulet party
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