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On Social Media

Sara Goldrick-Rab on why academics should consider using social media

Sara Goldrick-Rab

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of On Social Media

Social Media--
Growing Beyond the Academy

Sara Goldrick-Rab
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sitting in the academy, you are many things:
Your education & approach to the world
Your research, teaching & service
Your message
Your voice
Your tone
First, there's YOU
Books-- braised, low and slow
Journals-- sauteed, twice over
Briefs-- stir-fried
Blogs -- raw, fresh, potent
Then, there's your WRITING
You want to... share your ideas
Debate your ideas
Gather new ideas
Learn from others
Finally, you IMPACT!
Associate Prof of EPS
Creator & blogger at The Education Optimists since 2008
Tweeter since 2010
Try Blogging to
Talk about a new finding
Try out in-process ideas
Comment on current debates
Voice of a Scholar-Activist
A recent debate between
me & Matt Chingos, here:
Google a person & add "Twitter" to find their 'handle'
Check out who other people follow-- and follow them too
Google for

for example, top profs
on twitter
Find People to Talk To
New study: more $$ leads 2
higher grades 4 poor kids
Ed Week Jumps In
Twitter Talk
Cliff tweets
Sara responds
.@Cliff Randomized trial? Selection bias?
@Cliff send us link! @sara Care to comment 4 story?
RT: Retweet

Passing it on, moving it forward

RT is NOT an endorsement!

If you edit a tweet, it becomes
an MT= modified tweet
Be efficient-- use apps
Tweetdeck on your laptop
Twitter on your iPhone, iPad
Tressie-- A collaborator & grad student
I met through Twitter
Bruce Baker, Professor at Rutgers
Connected me to NEPC, likely new
Reporters Who Tweet Me
New Scholarly Networks
of various kinds...
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